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Lisa O'Neal

Awww! I love that you got a kick start with God this week...that is always primary in setting the direction of how things will unfold! I'm also thrilled that you were able to attend the crafty event and enjoy beautiful weather!

Your cross stitching is amazing and to God we owe the ability to be able to appreciate the talents he gives us!

Enjoy your bag! Thanks for sharing your talent with us all!

Char Johnson

Wanda, I love your ideas and everything you do. This bag is wonderful. Thank you for sharing!

Becky Green

BEAUTIFUL WORK, Wanda! I noticed those little lambs right away! SO CUTE! ;)

Connie Hollenbeck

Absolutely wonderful work Wanda!
I have never seen or heard of plaid cloth to stitch before.
Of coarse I haven't been looking either.
You work is stunning and I appreciate you sharing it.

Frederica S Bond


Teresa C

SO pretty Wanda! You do beautiful stitching and your work is always a complete delight to see!!

Lori Spitzer

This is SO super-pretty! I love purple and your new project bag will bring a smile to you and anyone else who sees it.
Lori S in PA

Christine Dol

Wanda you are amazing! You make me really think...what can I make like Wanda!!!! You inspire me with each card, cross stitch, crochet project you make! PLEASE keep posting all your wonderful projects! IT MAKES MY DAY and I am sure MANY others as well! What a fantastic idea! YOU ARE SOOOOO creative!

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