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The cupcakes are beautiful! Your craft room manager is, too!

Ann Merry

I love your craft room manager! He is adorable! And the cupcakes are so classy!

Anne Sturgeon

These are almost too beautiful to eat ... NOT! What a sweet treat and decorated so lovely. Lucky is looking handsome as ever. I know he will be having a birthday next month. Mark may have to build you guys an ark is this rain keeps up. I know California can always use some rain, but, this might be taking it a little far... stay safe and enjoy those wonderful cupcakes.

Lori Spitzer

Wow, those cupcakes look AMAZING! And Lucky is lucky to have a mommy like you. Then again, you are lucky to have an amazing and super-handsome boy like him as well.

Hope all is well and that you are safe. Hugs -

Lori S in PA

Becky Green

YUMMY! BEAUTIFULLY DONE, Wanda! I am busy working here on Valentines of course. LOL AND STILL trying to perfect my Sour Dough, but I THINK I may have finally discovered the SECRET to making it! STAY COZY THERE!!!! ;)

Christine Dol

YOU ARE one talented lady! Your cupcakes are amazing!!!!Thank-you for sharing your talents with us!!!!!!
Stay safe today. Hubby and I have been watching the Pebble Beach Golf tournament this weekend. I hope it is still a go for today! It didn't look good there yesterday.

Jeanne T

You are a lady of many talents! And I'm so glad you share them with us. Thanks for being you and all you do!

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