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Laura Corkill

This is a wonderful tutorial Wanda and I absolutely love how your little pillow turned out, it's beautiful. I really like your color combo for this and I hope there is a chance you might share. I am just getting back into cross stitch after 35 years and am on the lookout for smaller projects like this and I think this one is just so sweet. Also, I don't have much for Valentine decor so this will be the foundation/theme to start my collection. Love your sewing machine, the color is so cheerful.

Kathy F.

Super cute pillow, Wanda! You did great and congrats on conquering your fear of machine stitching on your completed stitch projects. Once you feel confident in straight stitching on your machine, you will open yourself up to many new creative endeavors. Basic straight stitching is all that’s needed for so many machine sewn projects. When I was 13, my mom paid a neighbor college girl to teach me how to sew using a machine. It’s a skill I’m so glad I have! I must admit that cross stitching unnerves me. I feel like it’s so small that I won’t be able to see what I’m doing.

Becky Green

NICE WORK, Wanda!!!! You did a BEAUTIFUL JOB on your pillow! Now, WHERE will you put it? ;) SUCH A LOVELY JOB!!! AND THANK YOU for the heads up about The Greetery coming release! I LOOOVE VALENTINES DAY things!!! Thanks for the "tip" about the Poly Fill Pellets! Hadn't heard of them before! ;) I LIKE your sewing machine too! REALLY, unless you are REALLLY into sewing, you only need a simple machine & they ARE EASIER to use! (JUST MY STYLE!) ;)

Anne Sturgeon

Pretty soon you will be able to sew your trim inside of the seam. I think this is so cute and that pattern would be so perfect for all seasons. Great job and I was glad to see Lucky's watchful eye on your work. Keep it up...

Amy Burkholder

Wow Wanda! This is adorable!! I am not a fan of sewing either so I can relate to how you feel! Sending a pet for Lucky! What would we do without our fur Babies! Have a great weekend!

Julie Shaskin

Oh my gosh, Wanda this is so cute! I love it! I’m stitching some littles to make Valentine pillows and will be following your tutorial to make them. Thanks so much. Your color choices are perfect. If you have them, I wonder if you’d share your colors, I think I prefer yours to the called for colors, LOL! Again, thanks so much for sharing your stitching and I look forward to what you have to share from The Greetery…always so much fun!

Jessica Monte

Wanda Wanda Wanda what can I say but your cross stitching it always beautiful.i love seeing what you make and how fast you seem to do them. They are always stunning. It makes me what to pick it up again. I haven't cross stitched for about 30 years. Thank you for sharing you beautiful work with us.


I love to see all your cross stitch projects, and congrats on sewing your first pillow! I have a cupboard full of all my cross stitch pillows made over the years and seeing yours makes me want to get back into it! Looking forward to your next paper projects, too! Happy new year!

Teresa C

Wanda!! Wonderful Valentine's xstitch project!! I have never made my stitching into a pillow. Thank you for detailing your process and giving me confidence to try. You do beautiful work and it is always a real pleasure to see your projects.

Christine Dol

OHHHH WOW! This pillow is the sweetest! You did an awesome job! Thank-you for sharing the step by step pictures! I do love little Lucky keeping an eye on the process! At one point it looked like you pooped him out! He is the sweetest! I love the gingham on the back of the pillow and the added pop poms! I tell ya...what would we do without a Wanda in our craft world!!!!! :)
Sooo if you are saying the new Greetery release may be a favourite of yours...oh boy!!! I know it will be a good one!


I love your little pillow, Wanda! So very sweet! And big congratulations on making your first pillow. You did a fabulous job on it. Loved all the step by step pictures. What a great idea to use a little Cricut iron. I don't have one, but I do have one of those itty bitty ribbon irons from years gone by that I have been known to whip out instead of the big old ironing board. I'll bet your iron might get a little hotter thoough. I always am so tickled to see cross stitching posts. Thanks for sharing!!

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