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Wanda, Thank you so much for sharing your talent with all of us. I'm a fairly new follower- I've been a crafter/maker for over 30 years and can relate that many may not realize how much time and planning goes into just the blogging alone. I gave up my 14 year old blog in 2018. I have no regrets! It's freed up so much time and have been posting more on Instagram. Have you considered opening an Etsy shop? I know you have your Instagram destash supplies account - but maybe a more permanent place to sell your beautiful handmade creations- all those cards you make would certainly be valued and purchased by others and your followers- plus anything else you are making for the companies you work with for your affiliate income. You have a recognizable brand and a name- so why not capitalize on that for added income in one more selling outlet? As much as I love supporting other makers- I also love buying their handmade items or kits as well. Maybe offer card kits for creating with you in live events/or not live but on a youtube or facebook video event? This way your followers can still feel like they are creating along with you but by purchasing your kits, you simplify it for them, while putting money in your pocket. You could streamline the kits for maybe die cuts only and limit how many kits you offer. Just some ideas and thoughts. Hope that helps!

Anne Sturgeon

I do so love your work and photos are just so great. I have been following for some time now and understand all the ins and outs of what you do. I try to be supportive and help where I can. It's like being retired, you will find a way to get things in order and hopefully things will come together. I am going to offer support where I can and will use your links when I buy things. Good luck and keep up the great work!

Marie Siler

I have no problem paying a small fee on patreon. I do so for another 'maker' we probably all know. I only pay 3 dollars which is the lower tier, but that works for me. I would not mind doing the same for you. I would miss your content if it went away.


Sending some Cape Cod Love. These feelings come and go. I'm 73 and have had this kind of emotion off and on, but you need to say to yourself...tomorrow is anothther day andk things will look better. IOh dear, Wanda...take caew of you, go for a walk outside and tell yourself,you are beautiful, talented and a loving person. You are nodt alone with these feelings. I don't get it either. Dont let negative things cloud you mind

Amy Solovay at the Knitting, Crochet and Crafts Blog

Wanda, with your talent, following, and time invested, you should be absolutely crushing it when it comes to income levels. It is disappointing to realize that you aren't! :( But I think you could turn that around pretty easily if you were to make a few small changes to your website and business model. If you plan to keep creating content, I am totally willing to share some tips with you that I learned from writing for corporate craft websites and big brands' sites.

I don't see a contact form or a way to get in touch with you...but I'm including my email address in the spot where your blogging software prompts commenters to do so, so if you want to take me up on this offer, please feel free to send me an email, or drop me a message on Instagram that includes your email address so I can respond to you via email. I'm @amysolovay on Instagram.

Best wishes!

Cindy  Cottrell

Well, first of all, thank you for your genuine courage on a private matter. You are an artist that came into my realm many, many years ago. Your artistry in photography, cards,( anything you create) is a highlight to so many of us. I follow one person on Patreon and her tiers are $5 or $9/per month. It often feels like our own little creative club where the content is shared on both Patreon and YT. As you stated we all sometimes unconsciously subscribe and purchase apps for more $ each month, a monthly Patreon may be an avenue to pursue. Knowing you, you may already know all about the ins and outs of Patreon. Should you need that individuals name, etc., reach out and I’ll forward it. You know her and may have already reached out. Love you, Wanda. You are worthy, giving, brilliant, and an endless source of joy. 🫶🏼


Hi Wanda,
Your blog posts are always so lovely and you are such an inspiration. I like the idea of tiered giving and shopping through your links is a good way to support creators. Don't know much about Patreon but would investigate it.

Suzie P.

Hi Wanda……You are my number one blog to read on any given day. I love buying through your affiliates, in fact, I’ve found new web stores that way. I love going on your adventures through your photography. You really have a good eye! I get to see what’s trending and how things are displayed for decorating. The idea of doing some YouTube videos sounds appealing, as I am a self taught person when it comes to crafting. You would get my support. You are my inspiration and always so uplifting to me as the days go by.


Hi Wanda!

You know I am a huge fan of yours...I can't believe it has been 15 years, but then again I can believe it. I would love to see other content as my card making has slowed - life. So, I wouldn't buy much via affiliate links. But, I am open to ways of support.

Amy Cooley

Hi Wanda! I would absolutely love to support you in some way. Have you thought about Patreon. Is that just through YouTube? It's just a thought. I like how other crafters have tiered giving and offer perks with that. I'll definitely continue to shop through your links. Thank you for always inspiring me!

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