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Maria Rodriguez

Hello Wanda, I like the Frosty Night
Out, they are very pretty. I hope you can help me find the Twelve Days of Christmas cross-stitch ornaments.
Getting ready for cold weather that's on its way to Texas.Keep on touch, thanks.


Hi Wanda, my is Maria Rodriguez and been looking the Twelve days of Christmas. I can't find in magazines. I am interested in doing them as an ornament for my Christmas tree for next this year. Can you help me? I would appreciate it very much. Thank you.


Beautiful stitching! Such a cute project. Blessings to you and your family.

Teresa C

Such a wonderful xstitch project, Wanda! I always love the patterns you choose, and your stitching and finishing is inspiring.
It is heart-wrenching to read that this year has been so difficult, in so many ways, for you and your husband. I am wishing you both rest, recovery, balance, good health, prosperity and cheer as you enter this last period of the year and head into the new year.

Anne Sturgeon

I love this guy! You did an amazing job on it. Sounds like you are having some holiday blues...I know you will snap out of it, soon. I can't imagine this crafty world without YOU!! I have been busy getting my cards ready to mail out. Just about done now. I made some folios for my sibblings this year. We had our family reunion in August and it was so nice to see everyone. I am enclosing some photos from Christmases past and some from the reunion. My oldest sister turned 86 in November! It is helpful to keep the memories alive in us all. Keep your chin up and yes God will take care of everything. Hugs...

Becky Green

SUCH LOVELY STITCHING, Wanda! You did a WONDERFUL JOB on this! ;) Your friend, whoever it is, will LOOOVE IT!
As for feeling somewhat down, Ask the Lord to help you! I was feeling kind of blah too, trying to figure out WHAT to do for my Christmas Cards this year, even with having the latest & greatest in product.... I asked the Lord to help me. And I finally figured out WHAT to do & just finished them up yesterday! (I TRY NOT to just copy others for Christmas cards.) Then, I listened to something, that just reinforced I chose the RIGHT theme for my cards! I'm ready to make MORE things now! God is so good to give us encouragement when we need it & creativity too! After-all, HE is THE CREATOR! BLESSINGS!!!! ;)

spilor / Lori Spitzer

Hi, Wanda - I'm in the same boat as you. I have no time to do anything but work and when I do, I am so beat that maybe I can read. Usually I watch TV. I have scads of unopened packages from stamp / craft companies... no time even to open things let alone craft w/ them. My church may have to close... too few people and too little $ to keep it open much longer. Depressing.

I love this little snowman! He is charming and adorable! I would love to receive this, so take it from me: whoever is the lucky recipient should treasure it.

Have a happy holiday, in case you aren't on your blog again before the holiday. Know that I care about you.
Lori S in PA

Geneva Null

He is adorable. You brought life to him . Your projects are always fabulous.
The New Year will soon be here with 365 days to make a better year.
Hugs to you.


Hi Wanda! I hear you about how tough this year has been. You made it and I'm so very grateful. (I'm making it, too) Your snowman is adorable and your stitching is so beautiful. I appreciate your honesty and perseverance. Sending you a great big virtual hug!

Christine Dol

Well he is just one handsome lad!!!!! You did an amazing job on this guy! YOU ALWAYS DO A GREAT PROJECT! I want to send you a huge hug! I totally get it...life can sure be a hard one and I am feeling it too. It so nice that you share a part of you on your blog so that others know they are not alone. Thank-you for being YOU!

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