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Vikki Hein

In the midst of your troubles you bring so much cheer to all of us! What delightful projects and all the tips you shared to create them. I especially enjoyed the banner and the last photo of your beautiful yard with the tree. Take care, God has you in his hands.


Your Easter treats are adorable as always. Praying for you & Mark….lean on Jesus he will see you through. Hugs


Sorry to hear that so many things are stressful for you, Wanda! I pray that your husband does well with surgery on Friday. At times things come all at once, but know that you will get through it. I pray that God gives you strength and that things improve soon for you. I like to refer 2Timothy 1:7. I experience anxiety at times, which makes me fearful. I have to remind myself that God is there to help us be strong. He has not given us a spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind. I don’t mean to get on my preach box, but just want to share that this verse has helped me. I am thinking of you and keeping you in prayer. Sending big warm hugs to you!! Oh, my, and yes I must say that your bunny treat boxes are the best!! So adorable!!

Anne Sturgeon

These Easter treats are going to be such a big hit... love those bunny faces from TE. The buckets are just the cutest thing I have ever seen. I wonder if my Hobby Lobby would have these? So sorry that things are piling up. Life can give you lemons now and then... make lemonade!! I know things will be on the up soon. Take care of yourself and I know God will provide for you and good luck to Mark on Friday. Sending prayers and hugs your way.


Wanda- I am so sorry things are piling up. Prayer and more prayer is the only answer. Anything you can unload off yourself - do it!
Your projects are darling as ever. Crafting can bring needed relief! God Bless you at Easter. Praying now for you and Mark!

Nancy Thomas

So very sorry that you are going through such rough times. Ours is much the same. Let's both keep our faith close. This too shall pass.

Julie Bitner

Wanda, your creations always bring me such joy. Love, love, love your Easter projects and decorations. Sending hugs and prayers your way ❤️🙏❤️🙏

Karen Jackson

My life is like yours I won't go into it but I always think I must be related to Lemony Snicket. I always tell myself "shut up there is someone else who is worse off" I hope you can find some giggles and your day gets better.
Love your Babbits, lol cute happy ideas.

Thank you and Happy Spring

Becky Green

Dear Wanda! I'm praying for you! My husband was having to fix the toilet late last night, a leak. So, I get what you're saying. We didn't get to bed till late because of it. So, we're off & running this week! LOL But, these things are part of life & sometimes, they DO happen ALL AT ONCE! LEAN HARD on Jesus!!! HE WILL HOLD YOU UP!!!! HE IS OUR STRENGTH!!! It will be a VICTORIOUS WEEK for us!!!! AND THAT INCLUDES YOU!!!! GIVE A SHOUT OF PRAISE TO GOD FOR HE IS OUR VICTOR!!!! ;)


Christine Dol

Wanda if I could just give you hug I would! I feel just awful that you are going thru such stressful times. Be strong and keep your faith that things will turn around...easy for me to say..but things will take a turn for the better. Your posts always bring such a smile to the beginning of my day..I get so excited when you post. Your Easter treats are so sweet. Keep your chin up and know that you bring a smile to many of us out there in blog land with your delightful blog posts!


Oh Wanda, I'm so sorry to hear that you are having such stressful times. I don't know why things like this seem to happen on after the other, but you are strong and so is God. I have faith that things will come together for your good. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. So happy to see you have crafting to help you through. These bunnies are just the sweetest!

Cathy Singleton

Wanda, I am so sorry you are going through some stressful times. God is good and will see you through it all! Your Easter treats are just as sweet as they can be, especially those bunnies with the gingham bows.

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