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Becky Green

Wanda, this calendar is SUPER CUTE!!! I like those little grid lines too, AND those SWEET little stickers! ADORABLE! My eye is just drawn to all the little images & the colors! A SUPER JOB!!! YES, I too HOPE you are safe there from all the wild weather! I think you are a bit north of it all? STAY SAFE & KNOW, God has GOOD THINGS coming this year! HUGS DEAR FRIEND! ;)<3

Christine Dol

Wanda I am back...to let you know I just ordered this day-to-day calendar collection thru your link you provided! Can't wait to get started! Thanks again for the inspiration!!!!

Christine Dol

This is a brilliant idea Wanda! I may have to make a calendar like this too...as I am a planner and love to stay organized the best I can! Such a pretty calendar page too! I will miss your projects that you do with Doodlebug.....sigh!
Hope you all are safe. Take Care Wanda!

Marisela Delgado

Hi, Wanda! I hope you and Mark and Lucky are safe and sound. Thinking of you and praying. Be safe. The Lord is with you! He's in control of EVERYTHING!

Iris Shubert

Hi Wanda,
Just wanted you to know that every time I see the awful weather you all are having in California, I pray for you. I know you've had storm damage. I hope the flooding hasn't affected your home. I always enjoy your posts, you are a wonderful representative for all the companies you are associated with. I bet Lucky was scared when the winds were so severe. My house pops and creaks when we have high winds. My kitties don't like thunder. Take care crafty sister, hugs irissavedbygrace

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