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Michelle Gleeson

Wanda, thank you for sharing your heart and inspiring us with your beautiful creations and photography. Once again you enabled me to hit the buy now button. 🥰

Kathy F.

Lovely post today, Wanda. I’m a Cali girl too but in Southern Cali. Born in Long Beach, grew up in Huntington Beach and now live one city over from Laguna Beach. So the ocean is my favorite. I did live in New Mexico for two years on a long-term work assignment there. I missed the ocean but found the dessert, mountains and much slower pace than Cali to be a nice change for awhile. I love today’s card. Heck, I love all the cards you create. If I lived closer, I’d take you to lunch to chat about all things paper and to pick your brain about your creativity. I sent you a little something today. Be on the lookout! -Kathy

Becky Green

ABSOLUTELY LOVELY, Wanda! I saw those little nuggets in the store & wondered.... LOL NOW, I SEE what they are. You gave them PERFECT RECOGNITION on your card! Now you make me want some! LOL My favorite place? The mountains/woods. I HAVE TO HAVE TREES! There is something so majestic about trees! Always raising their branches high to praise our creator! And they're BEAUTIFUL-year round! Just to look at, or to hang from one of their branches! HUGS DEAR FRIEND!!! ;)<3

Valerie W

Beautiful post Wanda! It was a pleasure to read... something "real", something vulnerable that opens us all to better connections. Thank you. Your project is very relaxing and full of the ocean! Lol, makes me want to go buy some seals! My fav place is the woods, deciduous and pine trees with lots of deer, raccoons, chipmunks, birds, and squirrels. I grew up in Wisconsin and now live in Michigan. I get into the woods every chance I can get. I can breathe in the woods and it always clears my head and helps bring perspective. I hope it isn't too long before you get your 50 degree foggy day!

Jan Francis

I’m not going to ramble on how fabulous your card and wrap is, or how much I adored your story about your love of the ocean. I just wish I could give you a big hug girlfriend. Be blessed today and thank you for all your inspiration and I’m looking forward to your The Greetery post. They are my favorite company!

Anne Sturgeon

I think this is one of their best releases. I love the beach scene and oh yes this paper. Glad you're all back together again. It's been warm here too. Our garden is putting out some veggies and I will pick blueberries this morning. Now you have me thinking of those wax melts...so pretty!

Christine Dol

Thank-you for sharing your story....I too have a thing for the ocean. I grew up at my grandmothers cottage that was on the lake. So many fond memories. They are something so peaceful about the water! Keep buying those lottery tickets Wanda...I just love your idea of having us all at your beach house to craft!! Oh my...a girl can dream!!
Your packaged up card is amazing! I hope you know you really inspire us all! I cannot wait until Wednesday...and FRIDAY sounds amazing. If you have it on your top ten list...oh boy!!! We are in for a treat! Have a wonderful day Wanda!


I'm with you and love the sea. I grew up a short drive away from the ocean and just feel at peace when I can visit. Live a few hours away now in the hills and that's ok but I do love the sea. I got a wax starter kit from my son for Christmas with a lovely blue wren "stamp"

Karen Jackson

Very pretty card love your idea..
I love the ocean too! I am from Cal too grew up in Glendora (Mom) and San Marino (Dad). Got married and we lived on Cape Cod then the company my husband works for moved us to Maine. I loved how Cal looked when I grew up nothing but farms and orchards from Pasadena to Cucamonga. So sad that they are gone! It was beautiful I remember happy cows and so many veg and fruit stands. We had a house on Balboa Island too and it was fun there. I loved visiting Carmel and Monterey it was so beautiful up there. I hope it still is. My sister lived in Sacto when she was in Med school it was fun too. I loved all the places I have lived but Maine the best now it is so beautiful here. The Cape is too crowded now we have to avoid it in the summer. Takes hours to get there now. I love that you are a happy person you reflect happy to us.. Thank you

Judy Kepler

What a beautiful card! I enjoyed hearing about your love of the Ocean. I have the same overwhelming love for the mountains. I live in the desert, but my happy heart place will always be in the coolness of the high Rockies. Possibly because I grew up in Colorado. I have so many lovely memories! I adore wax seals and used to use them often when I mailed letters and cards. I think it's time to get back to brightening someone's day with a seal. You are such an inspiration!! Thank you for sharing.

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