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Teresa C

Oh my, Wanda, you did a beautiful job on the flowerpot! Love your painting, splattering, waxing and gold detailing.

Anne Sturgeon

My gracious this is so gorgeous. Who da thunk that a plain pot could look like stone. I can see why you are so taken with the process. My up coming project will be planting my garden for this year. I have all my summer cards done so now it's on to some vegetables, when we get home!!

Rosa M. Vasquez

What an amazing transformation for that plain pot! Very cool!

Kathy F.

Hi Wanda, this pot turned out beautifully! How are you going to bring yourself to give it away??? I’ve been wanting to try crafting with molds and resin myself but have read of some crafters experiencing breathing problems while using resin. Did you experience any?

Loralee Parish

Wanda. . . You take on the term "multi-talented" to an entirely new level. What you did with that pot is nothing short of "artistic genius." Another words, I really REALLY like it!

Reading your blog is so enjoyable. Keep up the beautiful work.


Wanda! Multi talented as I have said! This is such a pretty and unique gift! So happy you are enjoying other types of projects! This looks fun!

Laura L Greig

Wow, that is totally amazing! There is no limit to your talent!

Becky Green

This is GORGEOUS, Wanda! I'm SURE your friend LOOOVED IT! I think you did a WONDERFUL JOB on the pot!!! WOW!!!! You're RIGHT that the finishing touches make a BIG DEAL to the final project! LOVE the black behind the fluer-de-lis, & the gold touches & the splatters! WOW!!! AND to hold a GORGEOUS ORCHID TOO!!!! ;) AND I LOVE the color/s you chose to use too! WHAT A SUPER JOB!!!! ;) Question: Does the resin need ventilation when doing it? The only thing "new" here is the Sour Dough Bread I've been working on. The starter will be "ripe" on the 14th! :)

Linda S.

What a beautiful gift and made even more special with your hand decorated pot. It's so much fun to try something new. I'm actually having fun making scrapbook pages again, a rewind from my crafty past.

cape cod mandy

If I created this gift for my friend, I would be quite pleased with myself ! I hope you felt this as well..going outside the box. Windy for days here on Cape Cod...tomorrow we slip into a summer pattern.

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