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Lisa Kinnear

Oh my gosh, the details on both!

Jessica Yoder-Jones

I love how the dies have everything you could need to make an awesome stove!


So cute! Definitely my favorite of the release!!


As a baker and card maker, I am beyond giddy!


What delightful and yummy creations!


Too cute!

Jenny Namour

This new set is over the top creative!! And I love the ACETATE you put on the front of the oven -- so smart!!! :)

Karen Briguglio

I love how you used the little clay bits as cookies. So, so cute.

Emma Sleppy

Just adorable. Those little sugar cookies with the rock candy glitter look good enough to eat!

Eliz Z

I just can’t w the tiny little cookies! Wow! And the oven with tiny potholders on hooks. Wow wow wow.

Mary Jo J Stewart

All of the tiny details are adorable. I am particulary drawn to the oven mitts!

Debbie Archer

Your projects are adorable! I love all the details!

Heike Carlson

Yeah now I am wanting some cookies too! Very cute card and gift oven.

Pauline B.

These projects are so cute! Love that little stove!

Kim Burckhard

I love that the oven also opens from the top! So easy to put goodies inside. Thanks fir sharing that


This is awesome, all the little details! I love how you made the cookies look exactly like cookie coming out of the oven!

Angelia Fortner

So fun and look so realistic! Beautiful job and awesome creativity.

Tracey McNeely

Wanda your Christmas baking is so fun! I love he way you really made action on your cards feel like your are right there asking them!

Linda BL

So cute. You decorated everything so nicely and it all has such a nice homey feel!

Nancy K Rodeberg

Oh my goodness, the tiny details of the treatbox and I love the little sheet of "parchment paper". You give great thought to every detail!

Kristina T

The details on the oven boxes down to little hooks for the mitts is incredible! Cute projects!

Barb Kirkwood

You did a great job, those cookies are to die for and love your oven.


Wow! There is so much beautiful detail in all of this!

Jen Gerwig-Dively

Adorable projects! I really like your card and the of background items.

Debbie Petersen

Adorable little box!

Susan Beauchaine

So adorable! Just like Grandmas house!!!

Kim T

These all turned out so cute. I love all of day 3 items but not sure which one the most. I have lots of ideas spinning in my head of things to make. Thanks again for sharing your designs with us and giving us ideas.

pat phillips

Great job on all your baking! I agree there is something about seeing those sugar cookies that makes me want to have some. Thanks!

Kathy Lane

Your cookies all lined up together WOW they look real. That oven is award-winning Love your color choices!


Fabulous projects (as always :))!! Great idea to put the pot holder and such hanging from the side of the oven!

Alison B

WOWZA ! Love how you showed all the little details! Cookies look good enough to eat. Love the rolling pin and tiny spatula too!

Kelly Schirmer

SO sweet! I love all of the little gingham details and the festive red and white!


So stinkin' cute! I love them all, but that oven! I'm always amazed at the details The Greetery includes. You have done a GREAT job!

Cecilia Dilnot Smith

Love your projects, I love your sugar cookies.🙂

Eva N

I can't get over how realistic everything looks. As you say, these bakery sets are the cutest thing ever

Mary Kay Ross

These are so cute, Wanda! They are so itsy bitsy and precious. I love it all!

Pam G

I love those tiny oven mitts and the spatula too! Such a fun set!


So cute! Your tree cookies look so realistic!

Jan Metcalf

Your details are precious!

Laura Corkill

SO STINK-UM CUTE! Love your colors, your sparkles and that you snuck in an oldie but a goodie using the snowflake soiree for your background. ♥

Jessica Monte

Oh my I love this sweet oven so cute your treats are sweet

Christine Wilbur

Soooo cute! Love the snowflakes and cookie card! Feels like a cozy snow day!


Your oven is so cute! Those tiny cookies are darling.

Donna M.

So cute! I love the red oven paired with red gingham pot holders!

Becky Green

WANDA, this is ADORABLE! I think TODAY is my FAVORITE for this release! It reminds me of my barbie days. LOL I was ALWAYS making my own furniture, etc. JUST ADORABLE & BEAUTIFULLY DONE, Wanda!!! ;)<3

Melinda MacDonald

The cookies on your card look so realistic Wanda! And I love those little embellishments as cookies on your cookie pan for your little oven...so cute!

Rachel W.

Your cookies look so real someone may try to eat them!

Teena Perine

Love those little cookies!

tricia schaden

precious! I love the little kitchen accents hanging on a rail on the side!

Lisa Schenck

Oh my goodness, Wanda, absolutely precious!

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