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Teresa C

These are adorable Wanda!! 🎃🎃🎃 I always enjoy your projects, makes and photography. You are so gifted.

Iris Shubert

Hello Wanda :) Your makes are always adorable and color perfection! I was wondering about something and I thought I bet Wanda would know ! I've got a cute IO stamp of a cup of hot chocolate with some marshmallows in it. Would you know what color Copic markers would be good to color the marshmallows? I have a few "E" colors. I love seeing pictures of sweet Lucky. Thanks irissavedbygrace

Denise Bryant

Oh, these are so cute!!!

Anne Sturgeon

So stinkin' you have a lot of trick-or-treaters?? I don't get any and I miss it!! Thanks for sharing these cuties!

Geneva Null

This is the cutest ever. What a great way to give a little treat.this pumpkin has the sweetest face. You once again knocked this project out of the ballpark 🎃

Marie Siler

So cute. I didn't know these wraps existed on TE until now. So cute for a classroom or grandchildren or adults who are still kids on the inside.

Jules L

Just darling! You did Halloween right this year!!!

Marisela Delgado

Hola, Wanda! You make the cutest stuff! This is so adorable! 💜

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