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Kathy F.

Your card is beautiful, Wanda! I am also a fan of vintage style and color on Christmas cards.

So glad you weren’t in or near your car when the truck hit it. What a way to abruptly end your wonderful day. Sorry you now have “insurance stuff” to deal with but sounds like you know the ropes based on your prior career. Take care!

Anne Sturgeon

These poinsettias are really great. Love all of the contents in this kit. Bet this one will sell out!! I am so happy that you weren't in the car....even with that it isn't a good situation to be without your wheels. Finally you can move about freely and your car is down...ugh! Stay strong, this too will pass. Great card and pictures...

Becky Green

OH MY GOODNESS! WHAT A WEEKEND!!! SO GLAD you are all right, Wanda! It is NEVER NICE to have ANY KIND of a car accident! UGH!!! I HATE dealing with Insurance Companies too! PRAYING, ALL, will work out fine & they will process this QUICKLY!

Your card is SO VINTAGE, & I LOVE the GOLD SPLATTERS! PERFECTLY BEAUTIFUL!!!! I DO LOVE to see kits in little bags too, like this! SO CONVENIENT & ORDERLY!!! LOL A SUPER JOB, WANDA!!!



Gorgeous card, Wanda. You sure showed the kit off beautifully! Man oh man, I am SO sorry to hear about your car. That is terrible. I hope you get that situation resolved in a timely manner and with mpt too much hassle. Pepsi will have to cover the costs, right?! So relieved you weren't hurt!

Troy Seegmiller

So glad no one was hurt! Love your T E designs.

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