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Ivana Camdzic

Wanda!!! Thank you times a MILLION for this incredibly sweet shout out! And your cards...O my goodness your cards...Beyond delicious and gorgeous!! It makes me want to drop everything and fill the day away with berries and summery sweetness. Also - happiest anniversary date!! June 4th is a special day around here too :) Sending you a big, squishy hug, dear! xo

Geneva Null

It is strawberry seasons& these look luscious enough to eat. Sweet card

Dianne Jenkins

Your cards are gorgeous and I was thrilled to see you using Ivana’s Stamps from her brand new company, Pigment Craft Co. She is a dear and so are you for helping to promote her woman-run business!

Marisela Delgado

So beautiful, Wanda! You sound so happy! πŸ’œ I hope that things do turn around soon for California. The lockdown was for everyone's protection, but there's hope for a new day! San Antonio made me proud! In a city of 1.6 million, we surpassed the 1 million vaccinations a couple of weeks ago. My People are awesome! We missed our yearly Fiesta Week last year, which was BRUTAL! Fiesta Week is 10 days of the ENTIRE city partying! There are hundreds of Fiesta events, music, food, and big parades. It's a special time for the entire city! We did so well with our vaccinations that this year, we are having a modified Fiesta! Yee-haw! πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ Things will be better soon, Wanda, and you are invited to next year's Fiesta Week! Until then, baby steps! Sending you vaccinated hugs......

Jules L

These cards are darling! I must check this company out! Love the colors and your design ( as always). Enjoy your day! You brightened mine!

Anne Sturgeon

Capture summer, you did... I love both of these pretty strawberry cards. You are lucky to have a stand near by. We are growing strawberries this year and have a few berries starting to show!! Love all your sweet details and I am definitely going over to check out this new company. So glad your dinner was great and I am glad to see us getting back to doing the things we love...

Becky Green

Your cards/tag are/is YUMMY!!! SO SWEET! LOVE the colors you chose to make them RETRO! I LOVE retro! They make me HUNGRY TOO! (Not had breakfast yet! LOL) These Strawberries are ADORABLE & SO PERFECT! & YOU paired them up PERFECTLY with everything else! You've made me SMILE this morning!!!! I'd have Strawberries on my cereal this morning, but I ate them ALL! LOL HAVE A BLESSED DAY, DEAR FRIEND!!! ;)<3

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