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Nancy Williams

So cute! Love them!!!!

donna mikasa

Love these! I'm trying to track down instructions and yours are the best! Love the gray bearded one--super cute! Thanks for sharing and happy holidays to you!


Very creative! Thanks so much for sharing!


These are over the top adorable. Great directions, going to try making a few.
Thanks for all of your inspiring ideas.

Teresa C

Your sweet gnomies are completely adorable, Wanda!!
Thank you for the step-by-step instructions!!

Rosa M Vasquez

Very cute and easy to make! Love easy crafts.

I am making potpourri for the stove top. Fills the house with Christmassy scents. A big Mason jar, fresh ingredients and a large bow make a gift for friends and family.

Anne Sturgeon

Talk about perfect timing... I am using some plastic containers for my granddaughter's stockings this year. So they can get their things organized! These would be so perfect to tie to the carry handle on top. My youngest loves orange, so you know what color I'll use for hers. You're the BEST and I love that you are so crafty. Thanks so much for sharing this and Merry Christmas to you and Mark. (Lucky too!) Hugs...

Marie Siler

Super cute. My Mom made santa's out of toilet paper rolls, along with felt etc and to this day (I'm 66) I put them up every christmas in a vignette and love them over again and again. These little gnomes are like that, something you can make with your grandkids that they may keep forever. Darling craft.

Anne D

How adorable! I enjoy that you share all kinds of different crafts. These would be cute year around. What is the length of the red/blue yarn you used for the hat? It is very clever. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

Beverly G.

I gnome-ally stick to cardmaking but these cuties are something I want to try making! Thanks for sharing this tutorial. You have a very merry happy healthy holiday!

Michele F

If I were to join in this pom party, I couldn't resist making one to look like Yukon Cornelius - from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer!
I'll bet you have the yarn for that ... darling, Wanda!! xx

Becky Green

OH MY GOODNESS!!!HOW ADORABLE! GOT TO get the supplies RIGHT NOW!!! I can see these on a wreath too, Wanda!!! SOOO STINK'N CUTE!!! Our daughter would LOVE THESE TOO! She likes Gnomes! ;) YES, I DO ENJOY it when you share things other than cards too! Currently? I'm working on cleaning the house, & then will work on The Greetery's little Paper Mugs for the table! ;) Picked up some yummy candies for the inside....Lucky IS LUCKY to have a front row seat to your creating! THANK YOU WANDA for ANOTHER SUPER CUTE IDEA for Christmas!!! ;)<3

Jules L

Just adorable!! Merry Christmas!!! Thank you for sharing these. I love gnomes!


Merry Christmas and thank you for all your wonderful ideas and sharing them with us! I love your cards and these cute little Gnomes! I don't leve comments all the time my eyes need fixing.. LOl Your Gnomes sure made me giggle this am and that's the best way to wake up! thank you Many blessings! I have get busy and make these! Oh i love your kitty too.. I have one that looks just like yours, and you are so lucky to have a Clark Griswold husband, just hope you have enough power!! LOl

Donna M.

So cute Wanda! Your instructions are clear, I'm thinking even I could work with yarn to make these! I love them both!


These are adorable Wanda!!!

Maria Alder

Hi Wanda, they are adorable and I would love to have some hanging around my house for Christmas but haven't got any yarn so I will keep this in mind for the next one. Cards are sent, cost a small fortune but my friends who also making cards I know will appreciate the work, sweat and tears that have gone in to make them LOL
Stay safe and happy Crafting x


How long were the pieces of yarn you used for the gnome hat? I’m not familiar with the Pom-Pom maker. Who is the manufacturer? I think this is a really cute project, one that could be used year round, by changing the colors. Thanks for sharing it. I’ll check back to see what new projects you have. I see you design for different companies. Congratulations on that!
PS I love your supervisor! I have 2 supervisors - probably because I need more supervision! LOL!🐱🐱

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