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Maureen Sala

I just love that handbag. When I first saw it come up in my email but I thought it was a real handbag. Just beautiful and so realistic

Becky Green

HOW CUTE!!! I think I MIGHT HAVE a purse JUST LIKE THIS in the closet! LOL ;) Sorry so late in getting here, Wanda. Been finishing up Christmas things here, with MORE TO DO! YIKES! This is SO ADORABLE though, & FASHIONISTA! Your "leopard print...." May I GUESS how you did it??? A COFFEE BEAN STAMP? Or so it looks! LOL SO CREATIVE!!! ;)<3


OK so there is a die....but how you create a designer bag the way you have done in beyond words. Just beautiful !


Wow, Wanda! You made an awesome handbag!

Anne Sturgeon

This is so awesome... love the purse but I can't wait to see how you did that leopard print... You go girl!!!

Becky Roberts

OMGEEEEE Wanda, this is a thing of beauty! I LOVE IT!!

Stephanie Clapper

I’ve just loved these purse cards! Hoping my secret Santa brings me my favorite gift, a gift certificate for crafting! This is on my wish list- I love your purse- the colors make it so realistic!

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