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Mandy Chandler

Hi Wanda...greetings from Cape Cod. I know you have fond memories of here !! We do too..we were married on your Birthday 46 years ago and honeymooned here in Eastham...moved here 30 years ago.
Funny you just posted..I said to myself "where's Wanda". We all missed you and your creations....and I thought of you today.
Stay well, my friend. you are always welcome here..we do have a guest room..sending Cape Cod love, Mandy

Rosa M Vasquez

Well worth waiting for! Your blog was filled with cheery commentary and the stencil lesson is great because your card turned out beautiful!
After all the heat and smoke of Summer, that rain was just what we needed!


Lovely card, Wanda!
Love all these new products you showcased!
Take Care

Anne Sturgeon

I have been missing you... lovely card and I love all the color. This new trend of stenciling the colors is so great. It really gives you a chance to decide the degree of color. So glad you took a trip to the craft room today, it was really worth it. I am getting ready to start my Christmas cards. I have so many thoughts, I don't know where I will start. Hugs, Anne

Becky Green

SO GLAD you got some time to relax, Wanda! It is NICE when you can get it! AND having that time, just refuels you for more creativity! ;) I DID miss you!!!! Was WONDERING WHERE you were! LOL Your card is BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE the gold embossing & color blending! I've NOTICED the new trend with the stencils & LOVE IT TOO!!! SO MUCH EASIER! AND I have to say, THANK YOU for showing us the Deckled Edge Cutter. I've steered clear, as I just didn't think I needed another cutter, BUUUT after SEEING what it does, it MIGHT HAVE TO go on my Christmas List! LOL I'll be watching for NEXT WEEKS POST! IN-BETWEEN, enjoy your Christmas Decorations! (P.S. My husband is wanting the tree up early this year too! ) ;)<3

Veronica Fairbrother

Welcome Back!! It’s good to listen to your body and soul and focus on another creative outlet. I love the stitching and crocheting projects that you share with us. It inspired me to pick up my knitting needles again. This is such a beautiful card. What a great idea to have a stencil and stamp combo. The gold embossed veins make this card pop. Belated birthday greetings. Thank you for your inspiration ❤️


I love the card you made so colorful and pleasant on the eyes. Thanks for sharing!

Laura Greig

Well, THAT card was worth the wait! Absolutely gorgeous! Glad you gave yourself the break you needed but super happy you're back!

Karen Lynn Jackson

Very pretty and happy card i love the colors of fall.. Thank you so much for this great inspiration. This is such a weird time, I think it's good that we are creative we always find something to do..
Thank you again and oh
Happy Belated Birthday

Michelle Gleeson

Wanda you were missed very much.
I so appreciate your honesty in sharing the need to rest and rejuvenate. This is something I am not good at. I just keep plowing forward; working, giving and pushing myself. I also just had a birthday and have been reflecting on the need to stop pushing myself. Sharing that it is okay and actually brings forth our better selves is a beautiful reminder.
Thank you for sharing your creative gifts and your heart.

Sally Keagle

I missed you! Happy that you took a break to care for yourself. This card is gorgeous! I just keep staring at it. You always do the BEST work! Can’t wait to see your new creations from The Greetery. Take care, happy belated birthday and give Lucky some love from me!

Mary Lou Marshall

Gorgeous card, Wanda! I'm glad you took a respite from all your fabulousness and relaxed! I do have to say, though, you are killing me! Every time I look at your blog, I MUST buy stuff. I have a gazillion crafty things, but NO, not the thing you used! I already have my 22 Thanksgiving cards done and ready to address, so maybe I can wait on those TE goodies! But that deckle edge trimmer. ARGH. Hugs, and glad you're back!

Dorlene Durham

Happy belated birthday! This card is gorgeous! Love the stamp/stencil combo. So cool!

Jules L

Wanda! I did miss you! And now that I am not on IG I really missed you here! But am glad you had a nice break and are taking care of yourself! I of course love this card! These stencils are so cool! I have moved onto Christmas cards. Yesterday I too began the unpacking of some Christmas decor! We will not be having anyone over or traveling for Thanksgiving which really hurts my heart so I too needed some early Christmas cheer! Glad you are back! ❤️


YES, I missed you and was concerned about you! It had been so long. I am so happy that all is well with you and you simply needed a break. It has certainly been a difficult year. I agree that many are hopping into Christmas earlier this year. We are all looking to some peace and perhaps some holiday magic! Your card is absolutely gorgeous. I, too, love the stamp, stencil combos... such fun.
Stay safe.

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