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Maria Alder

Have a wonderful weekend both of you!
Nice photo of the turkey but think it put me off to have one for x-mas 😊 We have a Scandinavian one anyway so that's means a lot of herring,salmon, Jansons temptation and meatballs 😉
Take care and stay safe x

Sue N

Amazing photo your hubby got of the turkey! Happy Thanksgiving!

Nikki Brown

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family... I always read your posts, I don't comment much but admire your work. It's been a strange old year!!! Here in UK we're learning what we can and can't do over the Christmas period and afterwards.
Purrs to Lucky from Poppy and Tinx, they hope he gets some Turkey in his bowl today, as they do at Christmas... take care, stay safe! Xxx

Becky Green

HAPPY THANKSGIVING, Wanda & Hubby! WHAT A GREAT PHOTO!!! HOPE your day is BLESSED & FILLED with LOVE as you give Thanks for the MANY BLESSINGS you've had!!! ;)<3

Jules L

Happy Thanksgiving Wanda and Mark! what a beautiful picture! So much to be thankful for even in unusual times! Enjoy your day!

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