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Carla Hundley

Darling badge! I
have voted. I have
done cross stitching
but not for several
Carla from Utah

Cindy H.

Fabulous pin, Wanda!! You did an amazing job of creating it - perfect! I'm with you, it's a privilege and honor to vote and I do so EVERY year. The best I get to wear is an I VOTED sticker ;) BTW those are gorgeous flowers!

Anne Sturgeon

You will be the star tonight at your group!! Love your pin and we all need to do our duty, VOTE! I am thinking of doing cross stitch ornaments for my granddaughters this year. I make them one each year. I would love to know your recipe for growing those wonderful hydrangeas?? Mine has not bloomed in two years. What could I be doing wrong?? I even tried talking to it... Have a great evening.

Betty Sue

This is wonderful! Love it!!!



Janice Rosenthal Rock

Not ready to start cross stitching again, but along with a friend, am starting a knitting/crocheting club here where we live! Any tips for me on organizing this group? I have an online friend with a blog called "Knitting for Charity" and that's why my group plans to do. Love your VOTE pin . . . really cute! Have you ever put any tiny cross stitch pieces on the front of a card? Might be cute . . . I know we've all used fabric pieces from time to time . . . . miss you! Waaay past time for our annual Mexican dinner!!


Love this! Your pin turned out great! I hope people listen to your message and vote!


Wow! Fantastic work, Wanda! Gorgeous piece!

Laura Greig

Love this pin, great job!

Lisa Kind

This is so amazing! I’m sure you will be proud to wear it. I may get this pattern for future elections. Thanks for sharing.

Becky Green

Wanda, your stitching is BEAUTIFUL! AND it's just as neat on the back as the front! NICELY DONE!!!! I don't do needle point, but embroidery from time to time. Just never ventured that way. LOL BUT, I DO LOVE IT!!! I LOVE MOST ANYTHING HAND MADE! AND YES, I WON'T forget to vote!!! ;)<3


This is the cutest voter pin I have seen! You are limitless on creativity! Enjoy your group!

Donna M.

Well, I am totally amazed at how great your pin turned out! Couldn't be any nicer! Thanks for bringing a smile into my home this morning, (& for reminding me to prune my hydrangeas)!

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