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How pretty!

Connie Johnson

Hi Wanda :) What an interesting technique!!! Delightful card! Thanks for inspiring me :)

Melissa M (also known as Melissa)

I really like the bright colors you used with the Botanical Garden Stencil. The flowers are so pretty. I really liked the sentiment you used too. It's a good one!

Dawn Skene

This is so pretty! I love the cheery colours you used.


Loved the colors !! So cheerful :) beautiful Card !!

Tracy Gentry

Such a happy card, I can't wait to play with this new system. So clever.

Barbara S

Such a pretty card and lovely colors - thank you for sharing.

Ashley Cortez

I really like how this stencil turned out after using the stencil 360 so pretty

Jill A Figley

Beautiful card, I love how you used some of the flowers as accents. This sure looks like a lot of fun! Thank you so much for sharing 😊

Karen Judy

Your card is beautiful. This new tool is so interesting! Can't wait to go through the blog hop to see how everyone uses it.

Mel B.

Thanks for the "in process" photos of your stenciling. They were interesting and told a lot about the stencil and this new tool.

Sharon Gullikson

This is such a cute design, and I like how you added the extra flowers. Really great design for these stencils...

Patty A Eifert

Such beautiful colors!! Love your card and love this new system!!

Dee Earnshaw

this card is lovely - thanks for sharing the inspiration

jean marmo

Simply gorgeous!

Veronica Fairbrother

So bright and cheerful!!

Suzie Padrick

I LOVE the simplicity of this new concept! The added center deminsionn really popped the card. Love your card Wanda!!

Ellen C

Gorgeous card - I love the colors you used.

Roxanna J Clark

Great product and love the card!

Anne Sturgeon

360 amazing!! It looks kind of intricate, but very cool. I am going to check out their video. This is a very happy card and I love the size and the colors. As always, you're the BOMB!!!

Brenda Aplin

Your cards are so pretty and bright!!
Thanks for sharing your ideas with this neat new tool

Beth Bray

Maybe it's the math geek in me, but I love this tool with all its labeled angles.

Laura Greig

Wow, that is very cool! Great system with u limited possibilities. Love your card ❤️

Liz E

This stencil concept is genius! Love your happy card design!

Stephanie Clapper

What a wonderful tool to make stenciled backgrounds! Your card turned out so pretty and I love the sentiments the Penguin Palace offers.

Kim U

Penguin Palace is new to me and Stencils 360 is such an innovative concept. Your card is just beautiful.

Marisela Delgado

Great card and colors! So lovely!

Kathy Mc

Gorgeous florals and what a fun background, Wanda! The Stencils 360 look like a must-have, and so do their other products. Never heard of Penguin Palace before, but it makes me happy.

Joan bettati

Love the card and all the colors

Marisela Delgado

Such beautiful flowers! So pretty! 💜

Annette Hovestol

Thanks for the great pictures. It's nice knowing that cleaning between isn't necessary😉

Becky Pilcher

I love the sentiment that you used in the middle and popped it up

Meghan Kennihan

AHHHH your floral stenciling is awesome! I love the bright colors!

Mary Holshouser

Can't wait to put this tool to
use for my greeting cards.
Going to be fun. Love your
card - so colorful and happy.
thanks for sharing

Emma H

Wonderful card, love the colours

Nandini Karmarkar

Such a beautiful card! I love the gorgeous colors!


Love the bright, cheery colors, Wanda!

Joanne Thompson

Love the colors Wanda and a beautiful message!

Melissa Silvestre

Love those florals! So cheery.

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