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Marisela Delgado

So beautiful!

Jane B.

Love what you did with the Destination set! Adding the names of the destinations adds a special touch to the cards. Thanks for sharing your talent.

Christine Kiehl

Nicely done Wanda!! You have been card making for many years and your level of craftsmanship has only gone through the roof outstanding!

Kim U

The way you used the Slim Alphabet die for each of your cards caught my eye. Those letters are the perfect size. The colors for the Sedona card are beautiful.


I love how you tailored your cards to two such different destinations. Love all the details you had added to your lovely cards.


This looks such a fun collection to create with! I love the Destination theme.


Love how you made each map represent a specific location.
These would make wonderful embellishments for scrapbook pages!


Both are gorgeous! I'm partial to the Sedona one; I love it there and am going there in Aug or Sept. Can't wait!

see mary stamp

Your cards are like treasured souvenirs. Beautiful.

Charlene Wurtz

Love the Sedona card - made me think of the Grand Canyon right away! Such a great color combination!

Sue D

I like your fabulous destination cards.

Meghan Kennihan

I LOVE the personalize Scenes! The CAPE COD one is my fav! The sailboats!!!

Miriam Leech

Love that you made these scenes into real destinations!!!! Amazing!!


Love your take on these stamps and how you personalized them with Cape Cod and Sedona. Just beautiful!

Sharon D

I love how you linked your cards to specific places that are meaningful to you! I especially love the nautical feel of the Cape Cod one. Beautiful!

Becky Green

Wanda, YOU have OUT DONE yourself with this set! I LOOOVE what you've done with this set! AMAZING WORK on BOTH of your cards!!!! You've shown us just HOW NICELY these sets work together! Hey, I want a post card when you go off on Vacation, ok??? LOL SUCH A SUPER JOB!!! ;)<3


Adorable cards, amazing creativity!

Lori M

Love those, especially Sedona. I'm an Arizona. 😁 Look like so much fun.

Mutzy Mia

Your cards are just darling! I love that you had specific places in mind when you created each of them! There is so many detail options in these sets that is easy to really personalize each card. What great inspiration you have been...again! Looking forward to tomorrow!

Judy Stiles

Very cute cards!


Your cards are wonderful, Wanda! They are like a mini scrapbook page. I especially like the one of Sedona. I have friends who live there. Such a beautiful place and such a beautiful card!

Carrie K

I love how you made destination specific projects! You really showcased how versatile these products are!

Kathy Mc

Such a fun idea to create the map/landscape of places you’ve been, Wanda. These are incredible. I’ve been to Sedona years ago and totally agree with your assessment. Had hoped to see Cape Cod while in Boston a few years ago, but it’s still on my bucket list.

Susan Falsone

Your cards make me eager to go on a summer vacation.

Cindy Holmes

Super cuuuuuuuuuuute cards! I can't help but sing the "Come Sail Away With Me" Song when I am seeing the first card of yours!

Lisa Schenck

Great cards, Wanda!!!


Destination Summer collection take me away to a fun imaginary vacation.


Wanda, these are both so awesome! I LOVE how you have put some destinations at the bottom of your unique cards. They look so fun!

Tanja Souter

Wow these are really special, kind of scrapbooking themed cards, I haven't been to those places, but I imagine you have captured the essence of them beautifully.


Your cards are amazing.


Your cards make a road trip sound so appealing. I really like all the different stamp options to make creativity so much fun!


Love both of these cards. They definitely make me want to travel...somewhere.


Absolutely loved your cards! What a clever idea to make each with a specific place in mind. I think you captured both perfectly, too! You've definitely inspired me to think a little beyond the usual here.


I love your cards. You definitely caught the feeling of Sedona in your art. Yes, it would be nice to be able to take a vacation.

Mary-Anne V

Just so fun that you actually named these destination the cool oceanside feel to the first and the great dessert look to the last.

Karen Brandt

Love these projects! Now I know I need all the stamps in this release, my credit card may go into hiding!

Karen M

Both of your cards are amazing! Love how you made them be like the cartoon maps you get on trips.

Jan Francis

I LOVE your Sedona card!!!!!!!!!!

Mandy Chandler

I know you told me you honeymooned on Cape Cod. I think you know I live here and love it all the time....even in the winter. Thank you for pointing Cape Cod out. I do love this set and you continually give me to do and create what I can whenever the time or mojo hits.
Sending love, Mandy from Eastham, Ma

Teresa C

Delightful cards, Wanda!! Cape Cod is beautiful, isn't it?


Makes me want to be on summer vacation right now!

Martha Y.

Great cards!

Marisela Delgado

Wanda, you are AWESOME! I love how you made your cards like postcards! So beautiful! You rock star!

Dawn Y.

Truly incredible, Wanda! You really captured the feel and happy colors of Cape Cod and the serene, red rocks of Sedona. Best of all, both cards are filled with such special memories! They would be perfect in a travel scrapbook or framed with special vacation photos. Hope you will display them in a very special place!💗

Michele F

Wanda, I can't wait to call these my own! I've not been this excited about anything new to our card-making world!
I'm packing the car [in my heart!]

April Zderad

Beautiful cards! I love that you chooses a specific destination for each card and got two very different looks. These stamps, dies and stencils are very versatile!!

Peggy S

what great use of these items - especially Cape Cod! Thanks for the inspiration.


You have outdone yourself; these are amazing!


I love the Sedona design. Great combination and look. Great color mix.

Karen S Day

Wanda, your take on these sets is just amazing! Such different looks, and I love the rich colours.

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