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Martha H.

Thank you so much for the update. I've never shopped at A Cherry on Top. I will definitely check them out. Take care.

Anne Sturgeon

Hello Dear Lady... thank you for the update. I know these companies are so lucky to have you as an affiliate. I truly appreciate your input and will use these links when I can. Congrats and all the success!

Julie L

Hi Wanda, thank you for this update and new sources of supplies! Like supporting you! You have given me years of inspiration! I have my eye on those Karin markers for my birthday.

Stephanie Clapper

Thank you Wanda for first, explaining an affiliate. Without the designers in our industry, most of us would be lost. I realize for many of you, it’s a source of income and it’s a win-win for everyone. Secondly, for listing the companys. I truly appreciate your post and btw, loving the new look of your blog! 😊👏

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