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Maria Alder

Hi Wanda.
Love your card and what a nice idea to send out happy cards to all in these weird times. Nice box of coloured pens as well. The strawberries look so yummy, wish I had some today. Could make a Victoria strawberry cake for my birthday which is today :) thank good for the lovely weather +26c so will spend the day in the garden. Wishing you a nice day, stay safe xx

Anne Sturgeon

I bought this stamp after Angelica Conrad had a really cute version on her blog. I have four postal employees in my family and I just loved this so much I had to have it. I wish mine was colored as well as yours! Strawberries look yummy...I just put up enough rhubarb for two pies at Christmas. We all love it. I wish I was closer I would have gotten some of those luscious berries by you. Thanks for checking in this Memorial Day, enjoyed your card and your teasers about the new release for The Greetery, can't wait. p.s. we have our first day of 80 degrees!

Beverly G.

Your card is delightfully colorful. I have been sending cards weekly. I hope they provide a smile or a bright spot in each recipients day.

If possible could you provide the mailboxes stamp name and company, it is adorable.

Wanda, thanks for sharing and brightening my day.

Deborah Cooper

Such a fun card! Those markers! I haven't tried them. As for mail, I sent out one batch a few weeks ago. I need to make and send more.


gorgeous coloring

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