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Kathy Mc

Wanda, I’m very impressed with your review! Looks like the uses are endless. Besides cute baby onesies and tee-shirts for any age, tote bags would be cute, too. I’d love initials for my iPhone case. You could label everything from your craft room to your pantry and hubby’s garage. Enjoy and thanks for sharing this detailed post.

Sam Burnett

Enjoyed your review; years and years ago I was all about Cricut and a member of the Cricut Circle Club and all that, but ended up being quite unhappy with Provocraft and vowed never again on their products, but you are one of my fav bloggers and if you like it, then perhaps I should reconsider! It sounds like it might be really fun to have and use. TFS!

Bethany Hardy

Being stuck inside right now, perhaps some window decals to brighten your neighbors day? I own 3 Cricut machine, but I LOVE the size of that one!

Vikki H

Darling tumbler! I'm one of the last getting new "big" items and then wonder what took me so long. How about making stencils?

Maria Alder

What a brilliant little machine. My son have a big one but I'm not allowed to use it....hihi
Love the pink cup and can't wait to see what else you make. Wonder if it can do Cork ? for letters etc.
Stay safe and hopefully the spring has arrived with it's beauty in bloom and birds singing and the sunshine to make us feel better in your parts of the world too x

Jean Barber

So excited. Just bought the Joy and love it. Love your cups. I’ve labelled my double insulated cup and made labels as well.

Alessandra Loiacono

This is AWESOME!! And my suggestion you already did: the tumblers!!! I love when I see personalized tumblers. Love them!! Can’t wait to see what else you come up with! Thank you!!

Mutzy Mia

Your cups are darling. I've never owned a Cricut nor have really never seen one work in real life. I love the look of the lettering that you've done. I'd like to see you do some more card applications. Thanks for the chance to win.

Debbie M

I also got a joy and love it! I love the way it makes cards. I would like to see all the things that you can do with vinyl!


So much fun!!, love all these projects, they’re so cool! The butterflies and coffee cups turned out fantastic!!


Wanda, so many darling ideas! I have wondered about this machine. Thank you for sharing! How about some cute iron on’s for a kitty tee or on a mask for you?

Karen Burns

Cutest cup ever ~ perfect for SUMMERTIME! I would use it when I go to my new favorite place to eat ~ The Backyardo, my own backyard LOL. I like to label things, so this cutter you are using would take labeling EVERYTHING to new heights! Take good care :-)

Martha H.

WOW.. what an amazing little machine! The possibilities are endless. I would like to see kitchen decals. I need ideas!
Thank you for the chance to win such a cute tumbler!
Stay safe!

Sue D

How fun. I would like to see a tote bag and labels for kitchen and craft room.

Barbara Beutnagel

Oh my gosh -- that pink cup is the CUTEST thing ever! I think you should make everyone on your Christmas gift list a cup in their favorite color (and with words that apply to them). Happy to see that the new Cricut is easy to use -- maybe I'll get adventuresome! Great post, as always.


Cute projects, Wanda and your instructions are so clear. I’ll bet you could make some stencils or masks. 😁

Lynda Paredes

Good morning- this machine is the cutest and the color!!! So pretty! Can’t wait to see what else you make!!! I’m thinking a sign for your desk that you share with LUCKY! Like “Lucky’s side” lol. Thanks for sharing!
dmdevout (IG)

Anne Sturgeon

How fun is this? I still have my original Cricut purchased when I retired (2008) I also have about 20 project packs. Although I only get it out for my granddaughters it is still cool to watch it cut. This little beauty is pretty awesome! I think you should cut out the shapes of all your crafts. Crochet, cross stitch,etc. I know the containers probably are labeled but you could add some pretty decals to them also. A ball of yarn in all your favorite colors! You go girl, I know it will be as awesome as those super cool cups...

Rosa M. Vasquez

How about making different size butterfly’s in vinyl and place them on a window or car window? Your cups are cute!

Amy Cooley

Your projects with the Cricut Joy are so cute. Thanks for sharing your learning process. It doesn't look as difficult as I thought it would be. Maybe you could create a cute summer themed banner for your craft room or a custom shirt to commemorate our quarantine time. Take care and stay healthy!

Donna M.

You did a great job on the cups- they're pretty & fun! I still have an old cricut that I never use. It became too challenging for me, but this one looks much easier. I love cutting out the letters, you could customize font & size for cards, scrapbooking etc. Good job Wanda!

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