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april r driggers

This is so bright and cheery! LOVE it


Wanda! Love the colors! ( I say that on every card you make I believe!). So pretty and springy! I like idea of using colored cardstock. Will give that a try!

Anne Sturgeon

Love this so much. The yellow and aqua just look so fresh together. I am going to try that trick of stamping on like colors. The Greetery is one of my most favorite companies. Betsy is such a great lady. Thanks for sharing this and healthy and safe to your household!

Kathy Mc

Wanda, this is adorable and love all the details. Those lemons really stand out against the teal tablecloth. I’m a hugger too so that sentiment is perfect. In fact, several of our parishioners said they miss my hugs. Melted my ❤️! Stay healthy!

Melanie K Shellberg

Pretty! Love the part about going outside to get a lemon since we have about 6 inches of snow!

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