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Cathy w

Thanks for this wonderful recipe - you can bet I'll be trying this out, altho lemons will be from a grocery store. Love that your post celebrates the beauty of the lemons in your own (and neighbor's!) yard.


Lemon is my favorite, love your pan....great photos.

Anne Sturgeon

Lemon is my favorite flavor... Oreo's now have lemon cookies, yum yum. That pan is gorgeous by the way. I broke out my Mom's cookbook the other day and made a pan of brownies from scratch!! Melted the chocolate squares and shortening then added the dry ingredients. My husband said don't buy any more mixes, these were the BEST! Glad you are well and finding ways to occupy this stressful time. I am doing the same. Just got my order from The Greetery, oh boy what fun!

Verna Angerhofer

That lemon cake looks so yummy and I love the pan. We don't have any lemons here and eggs are so spendy now I hate to bake much. No lemon trees around here so we depend on the grocery store.

Sherri in Phoenix

Beautiful cake and photography, Wanda! We have a lemon tree and grapefruit. I have been wondering if there is something i could do with my a lemon pie but with grapefruit! Can't stand to see all of that vitamin C go to waste and we can only eat so many grapefruit. lol. Now if only I had flour...but it is coming from King Arthur and now if I want to give up some milk and eggs for a cake... crazy times we are living in. Thanks for your beautiful photography and inspiration.

Julie L

Wanda! You are so multi talented! The pictures are beautiful and that cake looks amazing and yummy! The lemons growing right in your yard too!
Hang in there! I am doing massive clean out at my home and crafting some too! Thank you for all the beauty you bring into our lives!

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