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Mary Lou Marshall

Such a sweet, cheerful card, Wanda! I love it. And yes, this grandma uses a fair amount of wobblers! (sometimes for the adults, too...) Thinking of you and trying to keep being grateful in the midst of being confined! Good thing I love my craft room! Big virtual hugs, my friend.


I LOVE THIS!!! 😍 Such a cute card! Love your beautiful coloring! I’m a HUGE fan of alphabet dies as well. Such a wonderful card design! And I can’t even emphasize enough how much I LOVE the fact that you used a combo of some great products from multiple companies! I wish more people would do that! Thank you for sharing this awesome inspiration! Be safe! Stay healthy! πŸ’•πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•

Anne Sturgeon

My granddaughters love is when I use wobblers. Especially the youngest who is obsessed with Minnie. Love these bluebirds. I have some flying around already by my seed feeder. I have created 10 purses for future use and today I am digging out some unfinished quilt blocks. Perfect time to get the unfinished finished! Staying safe and healthy and following you...

Teresa C

Completely adorable!! πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™

Rosa M Vasquez

Your cards are cheerful! Keep it up. They brighten my day!

Mandy Chandler

Oh, I forgot..Jeff replied to my comment...he said"Great idea"

Mandy Chandler

Hi Wanda, I love love this card and the best news to me is I have all of these supplies so that is my plan today. I hope to make 5 to send to some friends and family . I will tell them it's your design. Two of my friends already follow you. I hope you are well. I am just getting back to looking at blogs. More time. My sentiment in my cards will say...Spring is not cancelled. Sending love.....oh by the way I referred you to Jeff Lindberg's You Tube to be a guest. Hoping he asks you cause you got talent, my lady.


Wanda, this card just makes me happy! Thank you for that!

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