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So super cute! And that cross die is beautiful!

Anne Sturgeon

Your little hedgie is so adorable! Glad to hear Paulina's baby has arrived also. Trust that God will take care of these troubles my friend. I think crafting keeps our minds on happier things. We are retired so home is pretty natural for us. I love my space and am looking forward to warmer days and the arrival of Spring! Stay positive and I hope you and Mark stay healthy and safe!

Linda S.

I think that praying for yourself, your family and friends and the world is a lovely way too get through these unsettled times. Thanks for sharing your card and writing so honestly about how you feel. Stay well.


Thank you for spending your time with all of us. Such very uncertain times. I’m sad that 2 of my grandkids have had to leave their colleges & fellowships. They’ve worked so hard to get where they are. Makes me sad but I’m hanging in there thanks to paper ink & my sewing machine! All we can do is keep on keeping on. And pray ❤️

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