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Stephanie Clapper

You did a beautiful job with the baby blanket. It’s a gift that will never be forgotten and very treasured. I wish I’d kept up with my crochet skills, too bad you don’t live locally. Ever thought about sharing & or teaching online? Anyway, thank you Wanda for sharing your generous gift. ❤️😊❤️


Oh goodness Wanda, Your crocheted granny square baby blanket is so beautiful. So very clever to make the Pom poms easily detached for washing!
I’m sure it will be a treasured blanket for baby and mom for years to come. Great pictures too as always. Love your posts always so beautifully displayed and show how truly varied and creative you are. Thanks for sharing and your inspiration

Rosa M. Vasquez

So pretty and baby soft!

Anne Sturgeon

What an awesome gift... she is going to treasure it. They will make such great parents to this little boy. I love the granny square pattern and this border looks amazing. I am going to look it up. Have a great weekend!

Martha Herrera

WOW.. simply beautiful!
I wish I knew how to crochet.


Beautiful blanket. This is certainly a treasure! I just gave my children their crocheted blankets to use for their children. Crocheting is so relaxing. Thanks for sharing


With one look, I have no doubt this will be a treasured blanket for years to come, Wanda! Mama is sure to love it, too!
So the new border! xx


It is beautiful!!! Lucky little boy.

Teresa C

You do such beautiful work, Wanda! This is a wonderful gift, an heirloom.


Beautiful granny square blanket. I think the colors are wonderful. Such a sweet and thoughtful gift. :) Thank you very much for sharing.

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