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Amazing card, so many elements involved, great color. You are a genius at vintage cards.

Rental Mobil Jakarta

wow..amazing design, very cool.

Anne Sturgeon

Wanda this is so awesome... love that typewriter so much! Those sweet flowers too. Today I am starting a project to make a bunch of cheerful cards. Lots of color and cute sentiments. My sister-in-law was just diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma and will be starting chemo next week. She is in Texas so we wanted to send encouragement & hugs her way. It is really hard when she is so far away...hope all goes well. They usually come home to Michigan for a couple of weeks in the summer. Keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks for inspiring my mind to create!

Veronica Fairbrother

Ooh!! I love your color palette for this card. Your mix of textures creates so much interest. Thank you for the inspiration ❤️

Stephanie Clapper

Oh my goodness, you put a lot of love and time into your vintage beauty! Thank you for sharing your creative imagination! 😊❤️

Monique and Terry Stam

Very charming card. Thanks for sharing it!

Linda S.

I love everything about your card. It was certainly worth the time you took to create such a perfect vignette. It belongs in a frame it's so lovely. Thanks for sharing and being so honest about how long it takes to create such a detailed card.

Donna M.

Your card is lovely, & yes, the details add so much. Thx for sharing!!!

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