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B K McKenzie

What an inspiration you are. I started in February of last year after I bought a Cricut maker. As I was watching YouTube videos I started seeing videos about card making showing up on my feed. I started watching them, bought a Cuttlebug (which I have now retired) and then I started my journey into cardmaking and I have never looked back :0)

Sue S.

I started stamping in the late 90s when a friend invited me to a stamping club meeting. There was some serious talent in that group (one of whom has gone on to become a major designer)! I didn’t have the budget or the time to get very involved back then but learned all I could from that talented group. Years later when my kids were grown, and the industry was really taking off I rediscovered stamping and haven’t looked back. So many talented designers and makers out there! Blogs like yours keep me inspired! Thanks for sharing your talent with us!

Claire Broadwater

WOW! So amazing! You inspire me every day! Love your creations and you're blogs. Thanks for always making me smile! XX


Congratulations on your awesome anniversary 🎉
Love your Blog, have followed you from the beginning.
You are so talented & create so many beautiful cards (& other things too)
Your Blog provides so much inspiration to so many people.❤️

DeAnn O

I started stamping around 1992 or 1993. I bought a rubber only Hero Arts stamp set and I was horrible at stamping, so I stopped. Then, in 1997 I went back to college and made a friend who was a stamper and she explained what I was doing wrong and I never looked back - I've been stamping ever since!

Suzie Padrick

Congratulations Wanda on 25 years of stamping. You are so creative and I love, love, love reading your blog. I’m an animal lover as well and love following what your kitties have been up to. I miss your Buddy! I think it’s been 12 to 15 years that I’ve been stamping. I fell in love with card making after a class at the Paper Garden. I take classes on line and buy all my crafty stuff from many of your favorite companies, since there are no paper/ crafty shop ( other than Michaels) in my town. My goal for 2020 is to send twice as many cards to my friends as last year. I’m really having fun making interactive cards right now. I find card making my go to for relaxing.


Congratulations on your milestones Wanda. I started see king nearly 20 years ago and was hooked at a friends CTMH party. I started by stamping in my scrapbooks and then converted to card making a few years later.

Christina R


Ruth Gauss

Congratulations on your anniversary!!! That's awesome! I don't remember when exactly I started, but my sister had invited me to a Stamp Camp that a friend of hers was hosting (with Stampin' Up!) My sister ended up becoming a demonstrator, I got addicted to scrapbooking, and now we both do all sorts of paper crafting as much as possible! Thanks so much to all the wonderful sponsors - really so many fabulous companies! Wishing you all sorts of time and inspiration for crafting in the years to come! Thanks for all you share!!!

Jan Bauch

Wanda. Huge, huge congratulations to you! I knew that you have been stamping for many years. Didn't realize it was 25 years. Got to tell you I have products from almost all of those companies listed.

kathleen dumpert

I started stamping about 10 years ago when I wanted to make some handmade cards for some friends but I guess it all started when my mom and I were bored one day and checked out a scrapbook store, since then I was hooked on crafting! I check out your blog a lot for inspiration and seeing what new products I have to have. Congrats on an amazing journey!!!

Marla Harris

Thank you for your wonderful contributions to this community. I have enjoyed following you over the past few years. I started as a scrapbooker in the 90's, put it away and came back to it around 2014 when my son bought me a Cameo for Christmas. Then I found YouTube and began making cards. I started a channel last year, but never did anything with it until this year. I have a 123 subscribers and while it's not huge, i love the interaction and joy of sharing. Cheers to another 25 years of crafting for you and thanks for the opportunity to win.

Barb King

I've been following your blog for years, and I love your design style. I started crafting many years ago, and got interested in card making when I went to a local scrapbook store. I love it, and am lucky that I have a few friends that enjoy it too, so it becomes a social activity. Congrats, and I look forward to many more years of enjoying your creativity!


I started stamping in 1995, just after my daughter was born. There was a brick and mortar stamp store in my home town in IA. At Christmas, I visited the store and the owner showed us how to heat emboss. I was hooked by that magic. Thousands of dollars later, I am still stamping and die cutting and water coloring and, and, and...

Sue Spooner-Caldwell

Congrats on 25 amazing years of saving money by making your own, LOL indeed! I’m not far behind you. I started buying stamps in the summer of 1996, because I enjoyed being crafty and making my own cards. I still have all of my original wood mounted stamps from Hero Arts and other companies, my embossing powders and a stash of inks and markers that I need to go through, though oddly some of them are still doing just fine. I did take a big hiatus in the middle when I boxed it all up in a move in 2011 and moved to a tiny house, rediscovering it recently in April of 2017 when I picked up my very first set of clear cling stamps in a store. I’m all in now! Happy Wanda Palooza to you!

Miriam Prantner

Congrats on this wonderful milestone! I started stamping about eight years ago. I was a scrapbooker who came across some Close to My Heart stamps at a garage sale, and was hooked. It's been a wonderful eight years learning so many new things and becoming part of this great community!

Teena Perine

I started stamping 5years ago. I stamp with friends at church 1 night each month and that's how I started. Stamping takes my focus off my problems and worries. It relaxes me. Congrats on your milestone.

Donna Oates

I started scrapbooking in the early 2000s with a little stamping on the side. But I went to work in a stamping and scrapbooking store where the stamping bug hit me big time on 2010. I haven’t looked back. Love to create. And BIG CONGRATS to you Wanda for all you’ve achieved.

Denise Terry

I started crafting when I was a mom did all kinds of crafts and encouraged me to find my own passions. The first serious craft crush was cross stitch, and it’s still a favorite. I’ve tried all kinds of things over the years...including a stint as a fashion designer to Barbie (grantees, it was just my Barbie, but you have to start somewhere). I started making cards about 5 years ago...inspired by Kristina Werner and Jennifer McGuire. I’ve also taught myself how to knit and cookie making/decorating in the past year or 2. Honestly, if it’s a craft, I’ll try it. And then I’ll post all about it on FB and IG ;)

Congrats on the milestone!

Nora Noll

Happy New Year and congratulations on your milestone. I started stamping about 20 years ago. My sister talked me into taking a class with her at a stamp store and I was hooked. I wound up having more supplies than her with in a month and she was so mad!!! And I am so with you-making your own IS NOT CHEAPER, unless you use what you have and don't buy anything after your initial investment. It has been a lifeline for me, though, helping me to de-stress and relax when I need to.

Marisela Delgado

Happy New Year, Wanda, and congrats! I have always loved handwriting letters and always wanted to decorate my envelopes, but didn't know how. I had seen rubber stamps, but they seemed a little too pricey for me at the time (college student). One day, I decided to go with my mom to a flea market and there was a lady selling rubber stamps at super cheap prices. I was really into bears at the time and purchased a couple. I was hooked! Luckily, the lady had so many stamps to sell that she continued to sell at the flea market. They were brand new and cheap! Girl, it snow balled from there. I slowly got into card making and now I am eye-balls deep into this addiction. ha-ha BUT I love it. I have made such great friends and have made some beautiful cards that shocked even myself that I made them. ha-ha Thanks for being such an inspiration and well wishes for many more years!

Natasha Porras

I started stamping about 9 years ago. I started to make my own cards a few years before that but just on the computer and then a few years later my niece showed me a Stampin’ Up catalog. I wasn’t all that interested at first but then attended a class. I started getting more into making cards with punches and dies rather than on the computer but I actually didn’t like stamping at first lol. I would get frustrated if the image didn’t come out right. But I just kept practicing and learning new techniques and learned about tools that help and now I absolutely love love love it!!!

Natalie Winterstein

Wanda, what a fun giveaway! My journey in papercrafting started around 2002 I think? My sister in law and I started scrapbooking at that time and then one thing lead to another and I got into card making and stamping! I love it! Thanks so much for sharing your amazing talent and sweet self with us! <3


Congratulations on 25 years! How fun that you are celebrating and sharing with us! Thank you to you and your sponsors who are awesome! I started scrapbooking when my first child was born - 1983 :) and my paper crafting has evolved since then - I started out with creative memories and now use so many different brands and embrace all types of media to craft with. Love making cards and anything with paper and fabric. Enjoy your journey!

Alicia Martindale

I started scrapbooking/stamping about ten years ago and I have been in love since that first day. I love to create cards for family and friends and now I am even creating them for work. My wife and I recently adopted two boys this years and now I have even more reason to scrapbook / stamp all the wonderful memories we are creating

Leslie Sunn

Congratulations! And thank for the chance to win such an amazing prize! I started stamping 15 years ago when my sister was pregnant with her first child. I wanted to make the baby shower invitations by hand and it turned into this wonderful hobby. Who knew I’d still be stamping and making cards all these years later.

Bethany Hardy

You have some heavy hitters supporting you! Great companies! I started when my son was born 17 years ago. I wanted to make a baby album, which my DH and I did together. <3 This was when supplies were very limited and in Puerto Rico (where we lived at the time) unheard of. I learned how to make a lot of what I wanted and skip the fancy things. Fast forward to today and my lovely crafting room full of my favorite things. I focus more on cards now (faster to make), but still love everything about stamping and crafting.

Barbara Schmitz

Wow congratulations Wanda! Like you, I started stamping a long time ago - I’m guessing 30 years now. I was at a local craft fair that had a booth set up selling stamps. They also demonstrated heat embossing. I was *mesmerized* by the magic of watching the images pop to life! I bought my first stamp - a snow fairy with a wand - and some inks. I’d buy a heat gun and embossing powder soon after. Now I have (ahem) a few stamps as well as all the other toys in my collection. What a great hobby!

Maria Alder

Congratulations Wanda Palooza on your amazing journey in crafting.
I started stamping with wood en stamps some fifteen years ago. Bought some simple colour pads and white cards and some colouring in pens. I did like it and made some simple cards but then the time with card making came with first decopage and then the cutting machines, first the Cuttlebug and then the Spellbinders and by now have a lot of dies. During all these years my collection from many companies and some of the ones you mention here are the ones I bought dies and many stamps too and stamping is coming back with ease with use of my stamping aid and many more colouring in pens and water colour pencils. I now love stamping and sitting in the evening doing the colouring in while husband is watching Tv Lol
I only found your blog recently but very happy I did for I like your cards and reading your blog makes me smile. A big thank you from me

Joy Dsouza

Congratulations on your milestone, Wanda. I love all the fabulous cards you make, and it is so wonderful that you have so many sponors.
I used to make a card since I was a kid. I started stamping in 2014 after seeing Jennifer McGuire's videos, and then there was no stopping me.


Stamping gives me a way to express myself creatively. I haven't been stamping long and I enjoy looking at blogs like yours.


What great milestones to celebrate Wanda! And isn't it fun to look at all the friends made through this fabulous craft?!!! I've been stamping for just over 20 years after buying a small Christmas set at a Stamping Up party to make my own Christmas cards. Now I have a WHOLE ROOM full! LOL But it is my joy to create and send hugs and happiness to others.

Ashlee Diane

I started stamping when I went to a Stamping Up party and got hooked:)

Janet Sisk

I was always the "non" crafty one in my family. My mom and sisters were all very talented and creative. In 2001 in the Fall a friend of mine from church and school asked me to do a favor for him. He had just started working at the school where I worked and he wanted his wife to get to know some of the others at work. He said that she did stamping and asked me if I would be willing to host a stamping party for other coworkers from school. I said sure, but I am NOT crafty. Anyway, I hosted her Stampin' Up party and I was hooked. I am still stamping and card making to this day. :D

Rebecca Selecman

I started stamping about 10 years ago because I thought it was a cheaper and safer hobby than skiing! I found out quickly it might be safer but certainly not cheaper, so I do both! I enjoy your blog and your gorgeous creations and inspiration.

Vicky Blackwell

Congratulations on your amazing achievement! These are wonderful sponsors for this awesome prize package. I have been stamping and creating since as far back as I can remember. I love to make CARDS and send them to uplift people who are struggling with pain, loss of a loved one, shut ins from our church, illnesses, etc. I find it therapeutic for myself as I suffer with a terrible spine and chronic pain resulting from 5 spinal surgeries in a short amount of time. Love your projects you share and thanks for the chance to win this great prize!

Jen Naus

Congrats Wanda! I got started around 2004 with scrapbooking and stamping. Where I worked just about everyone scrapbooked, they had me hooked. Several of us went to crops together. I made birthday, anniversary and Christmas cards. Scrapbooking began with me finding out that I was pregnant with our only child, our son.

Shar Zar

Congratulations! I have always liked to make homemade items. Lately I have been stamping and making cards.

Avra N Williams

Wow! Congrats! I love all of your sponsors and have visited them all many times! I'm not exactly sure when I started stamping - I went to a CTMH party maybe 15 years ago, and that got me started a bit. But I was still primarily a scrapbooker until about 7 or 8 years ago. There was some overlap, but I have been exclusively stamping and making cards since then.

Kathy Schweinfurth

Congratulations, Wanda!! You're such a wonderful inspiration! I've been a crafter for as long as I can remember, but began stamping in the late '90s after attending a Stampin' Up demonstration. I was hooked and became a demonstrator a few months later. Now I enjoy stamps/dies from many, many companies and am on several design teams (wow - a dream come true!) This community is fabulous and I've meet so many friends and amazingly talented people!! Here's to many more years on your crafting journey :)

Karen Ramsey

I too started the stamping journey by making Christmas tags about twenty five years ago. I was at my aunts house and the first time she showed me how to use a heat gun and embossing powder, I was hooked!!! I still enjoy other crafts, but my first love is paper crafting! I really love your craft work and photography! And your Lucky boy!!

Mary Whitcomb

Congratulations, Wanda. You are a great inspiration to me! I started stamping 35 years ago and have loved every minute of it. Watching Carol Duval, Mary O'Neil, Dee Gruenig and then, someone invited me to a Stampin Up party. I have been smitten ever since! Of course, like many, I dabbled in scrapbooking and mixed media and clay and...argh! The list goes on. I can't imagine a day without inky fingers.

Heather Rambow

I started Stamping after a Stampin Up demo at a friends house - 26 years ago and have been stamping ever since. I was a demo for SU and then CTMH and then SU again and now just do it for the love and use all sorts of stamps - I love Lawn Fawn, Hello Bluebird, Technique Tueaday, Honey B and Hero Arts and belong to the Simon Says Stamp monthly card kits too. I love it all!! I have loved your blog since I found you and thank you so much for this opportunity and for always sharing your innermost thoughts and world with us. You are truly a genuine great person :)

Melissa S

Your sponsors are my very favorite stamp companies!! 😍 I first started stamping over twenty years ago but became frustrated with wood block stamps. Then when the photo polymer stamps became a thing I fell back in love with stamping! I’ve been stamping and making cards regularly for about 15 years. It’s so therapeutic! Thanks for the chance at such an amazing giveaway!

Dina Glass

Wanda this is amazing. I started stamping scrapbooking for my 18 year old daughter a scrapbook that turned into a coffee table instead of a coffee table book. Love being creative and love making cards to share the love with others. That you always for your inspiration!

Melinda MacDonald

I started stamping a few years ago after I started making cards with my cricut and needed sentiments to stamp inside. Now I no longer use my cricut to make cards but have plenty of sentiments 😂

Woendi Wells

Whew!!! - what a long list of contributors. Congratulations on your milestones. How this must make you feel. ❤️
Its a long story but I’ll keep it quite short. My mother has been crafting for over 10 years and has taught classes for many years. I could never understand her addiction and excitement for....card making!? 🤷🏼‍♀️ LOL. I had my neck broken in a tornado and was recovering in my mothers home for 8 horrible weeks. I walked past her craft room multiple times a day and just shook my head. By week 2 I was losing my mind. I finally wondered into her craft room and decided to challenge myself to a shaker card she had displayed. (go big or go home) It took me 3 days to finish due to not being able to sit, look down or use my hands for very long! NAILED IT!!! I was immediately hooked!! My mother now laughs at me and we talk the same language and discuss our mentors.


Congratulations on reaching this amazing milestone. I got a real chuckle when you said you and your friend thought it would be cheaper to make your own tags.
In 2004/2005 a friend started teaching card making classes at the local scrapbook store. I signed up to support her and was instantly hooked.

Leesa Berry

I started stamping actually on canvas tennis shoes, and package gifts. I have been stamping over 20 plus years. Congrats on all your milestones! The best part of our craft is all the sharing and inspiration with crafty friends. Thanks for your amazing card art as it always inspire.

Kristi Pahlas

Congratulations!! I started stamping in 1986. I’ve always dabbled in crafts but that is when I bought my first stamp. A tree stamp. I loved making my own cards to share with others. Stamping gives me a joy that my life desperately needs especially since all my kids have moved out. It truly is like therapy!!!

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