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Renee Milner

It's gorgeous!


Beautiful Granny Square blanket. This pattern was one of my first big
projects when I started crocheting many years ago. You did a lovely job.

Erika Crawford

This is sooo pretty!

Anne Sturgeon

Love the colors... you really do an awesome job. Your tension is perfect. I have a tendency to tighten up when I knit. My friend made me this exact same pattern about 38 years ago. Just red and white with larger rows. You should be very proud! See you Monday and have a great weekend.

Vikki H

Hmmm, your work is beautiful and inspiring! After all we can't always be near an ink pad and paper!! I admire your social network and meeting with various groups to work on projects also. Something for a loner like me to ponder over.

Veronica Fairbrother

What a feeling of satisfaction when you finish a big project like a blanket. Your blanket looks so soft and warm. You finished it at the perfect time of the year when it’s cold and you can snuggle underneath it. Thank you for sharing your journey while creating this crochet project. Good Job!


I just can't believe your creativity. Each piece you work on is perfect and your colour choices are just lovely.
I have recently started to crochet, and in my wisdom have decided to make a blanket in shades of green to resemble fields for my new granddaughter 's Christmas. (We are going to buy some farm animals too. Honestly!) I now have 20 squares that need to be joined together, then edged and the fields trimmed with flowers, none of which I know how to do....yet. Good job I've plenty of time!


Wanda, this is just so sweet - go you, for sure! LOve the colors, and can't believe Lucky DIDN'T get his mittens on a few of those balls of yarn!
Now. Please share where you shot that first photo - I'd love to know who has gingham chairs??

Lisa R.

You should love it, it’s gorgeous! Great job! The colors are lovely and the stitches look so uniform and perfect!


Congratulations on completing your Granny Square blanket. It looks beautiful and so soft! A piece to treasure for sure. I love Granny Squares, too, as they are so fun to crochet. I love the double crochet stitch. I get into such a groove with that stitch. Thanks so much for sharing. You've taken some beautiful photos along the way to completion, too. You are very talented. Have a wonderful weekend.

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