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Great card Wanda! I usually make about 60 cards with about 4 different designs. Seems like Christmas sets are the bulk of my stash lol!


I like vintage, too, and think your card is just awesome! I do make some of my Christmas cards--about 25 to 30 and I send them to family and close friends who I know will appreciate something homemade. Every year I vow to start earlier, but usually end up beginning in November!


I usually make cards for the family and close friends who appreciate something handmade, but it is always at the last possible moment. But this year, things are going to be different as I have just retired in order to bring some balance to my life. I am so excited at the prospect. Your beautiful card has given me the nudge required to get cracking. Thank you.

michelle sauve

I create all my Christmas cards, I maybe send out about 20 or so to family and special friends. I start right after Thanksgiving.
Love your design, thanks for sharing

Sue D

So pretty. I like the vintage look. Some years I don't have time but I like to make my Christmas cards--usually around 50 cards and I never start early enough.

Marisela Delgado

Hi, Wanda! Great card! I try to make my Christmas cards. I usually make about 6 for special people. I try to start by November, but sometimes I run late. ha-ha I LOVE glitter especially white glitter so I always add a touch to my cards.

Chris Lawlor

Beautiful card! I have not started on Christmas cards- I usually wait until the fall. I make around 30 ish, if time permits I like to make each one different. Great stamps for the giveaway!!

Janice Rosenthal Rock

Hey girlfriend! My kinda card ... totally! You know that! Vintage all the way ... love the little girl & the pine bough ... I try to make cards every other year. Usually 60 - 70 ‘cuz I’ve lived lotsa places & always miss friends “ left behind” ... & love to give to special local friends too .... good to see you here; I haven’t been “tracking” posts much lately, but gettin’ back to it ... hugs!

Paulette Still

Hi Wanda!! I love your beautiful card. I do you make my own Christmas cards, about 25 to hand out to close family and friends. I’ve stopped mailing mass Christmas cards just due to the price of postage and I have so many people that I used to send to from my circles in every place I have ever lived and it just ended up being expensive. I will mail 3-4 to really special people.


Love the vintage look of your card. I make my cards with each person in mind, so I make 100 cards, 2 each of 50 different is just as easy to make 2 as 1. That way I have extras on hand so that when I need one it is ready to go. I mail the biggest part of the cards, so most are made without a lot of dimension. AND, yes, I have made Christmas Cards already this year...I Christmas craft all year...Love it!!!

Karen L K

Such a great card with nice details. I especially like how that pine bough came out. I make mine. About 50 a year but.. sadly last year and the year before I didn't send any out so now I have a nice stash. I should say I don't need to make any for now. One of the best things I did was join in a group that was a challenge once a week with a Christmas theme. No prizes but fun to participate and get cards done slowly all year. They are no longer going but it is a great idea to make them all year. Most of the cards I make are not the same as another.

Meghan McClelland

Just discovered your blog and I love it! Christmas cards are my favourite cards to make. I am going to get started very soon on them! Going to make about 50 for my friends/family and a few card sets to donate as prizes when people ask me for donations. Your cards are amazing!


Love everything about your card!
I do handmade Christmas cards; usually around 30. Almost all are different. Yikes! I have not even started yet.

Vicki M.

Beautiful card Wanda! I make all my Christmas cards but that is only about 50-60 of them. I love especially since I don't have to pay shipping, they are only a few miles away from me!


The first Christmas card & it is stunning. Love the vintage look & the snow. Your work is amazing.


This is gorgeous! I love every element and the colors you used! It’s the same palette I too and drawn to!
I do make my own cards and usually start in August because the first cards I make, usually 150-200+ are for nursing homes so the vintage/nostalgic ones are the best for them too! Harkens us back...
Thanks for this generous opportunity ❤️❤️❤️

Lynda Paredes

I used to make them. But now if I buy them, I doctor them up a little. Adding wink of Stella or some sequins. Thanks for sharing. I do make a few sets of cards to sell, so always looking for new stamp sets! TFS

Denise Bryant

Beautiful coloring and details on your card! Love the layering and dimension too!
I make some cards for Christmas each year. I usually make between 15 and 20 cards. Since I am a last-minute (read: procrastinating) kinda gal, I make them in December! I always think I'll be more organized and start a lot earlier, but I never seem to do it!

Patt H.

Love this vintage looking card, Wanda! Thanks for sharing. I make all my Christmas cards every year, about 75 to 90, & have quite a few done so far. My 2 friends & I get together once a month to make Christmas cards. We each bring our own design & a kit for the other 2 so have 3 cards a month. We have now started having the hostess design a bday, sympathy or thinking of you card also with kits for the other two. We have a ball!

Anne Sturgeon

What a wonderful image. I only make about 20 cards for Christmas. Although I mail around 45 the homemade only go to family and close friends. My family is getting smaller each year and since we retired many of our coworkers have stopped sending cards. It makes my heart sad. I have always anticipated their arrival each year. It is always fun to check out the postage available for Christmas. Love your vintage look and I received an email from that I will check out after sending this. Celebrating our anniversary today with a dinner out tonight. Happy Weekend!

Candee Porter

Very realistic card! Love all the splatters and snow and the depth you gave the card! I usually make about 20 Christmas cards and no two are alike as I try to use lots of my craft "stash". Thanks for making holiday projects early in the year so we can get a start on ours! (Also thanks for introducing me to Mama Elephant - LOVED your bunny face treat bags! I own the dies now... ;0)...) Your card brings us back to old times and traditional cards - Thanks for the inspiration! Candee P


This card is so pretty! I love the vintage look. I used to make my own cards but I stopped a couple of years ago. Instead I make my own Christmas gift tags. They are some that I do that are simple and basic and then others are unique for the individual recipient. I do this the first part of December.

Cheryl Robertson

I love this card Wanda! I had already decided to make vintage cards this year and this just helps cement that decision! I haven’t started for this year yet although I have started on tags which I’m donating to my grandsons school for their holiday shopping day. The tags are vintage digital images. I printed them on craft cardstock. So cute!

DeAnn O

I make our Christmas cards. Sometimes, with stamps ( which is what I did last year) and sometimes I make photo cards online. I love both, although the photo Christmas cards are a faster process than my handmade cards.

Carolyn Reiners

I love this card you made. Yes I make my Christmas cards for family and friends. I generally make about 80-100 each year, maybe two different designs. I have not started yet this year. Guess I better start soon.

Marie Siler

I make Christmas cards for friends and family. And I usually batch make them meaning they are all the same due to time constraints. I love doing it. I usually get my ideas from all you talented ladies that I follow.


Love your vintage card. When I send out Christmas cards I make them. Don't send them every year,depends on my creative spirit at the moment. When I do send them, I only make 20. Since I bore easily I don't make 20 of the same but 4 each of 5 different designs.
Always enjoy your blog and your so generous sharing of your creativity.

Nancy Hassan

Love this as always!!

Amy Cooley

Your vintage card is very beautiful! I usually make about 40 Christmas cards each year and start in late November. It always stresses me out, so maybe this year I will start earlier!


So lovely. I will be making 75 Christmas cards this year....the number keeps going up! (That’s a good thing, right? 😆) I’m always looking for ideas for my cards. And your cards are beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing.

Sue Baker

Your card is so lovely and unique! I need to get crackin’ on my Christmas cards as I have procrastinated the past two years and didn’t mail a single one! I have a friend that on the 25th of each month - starting in January- she works on her cards. Picks the design, gathers supplies, etc. And then by November 25th, they’re ready to be mailed! Ah, to be so disciplined!


Man oh man, Wanda... if every one of your Christmas cards is this beautifully detailed, you might want to start in January! SO gorgeous - I may have to go shopping with LeAnne!

Danielle Dietz

Oh my Wanda. You do vintage cards like no other. Love this! I do try to make cards for Christmas. On good years when I have time I make them for family, friends and hubby’s top clients. That can be around 150. Thank you Wanda and for the wonderful opportunity to win!

Karen S.

I don't make my cards as I have yet to attain that level of organization! Heck, even if I purchase gifts too early, I "forget" where I have stashed them. (Hangs head in shame).
Beautiful card Wanda!!!


This is adorable, and you just sent me running to make a purchase, LOL! Love anything vintage and this sweet image is perfect!

Pat Nimmo

I start my cards on Black Friday and not before, not sure why just how it is. I mail my cards. They are all the same although I buy about 3 sets a year( bad habit). I only make about 80 cards.

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