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Kathy Ladra

Brings back old times.

Nora Noll

These are SO FUN!! LOVE!!

Kristi H.

I love these! Really takes me back - everybody DID want OP.

Viola Leary

I love your cards I’m little sister to a family full of flower children. The cards were very reminiscent of those times. I loved them.thanks for the trip back in time.

Kelly Schirmer

Totally rad. And also awesome. ❤

Rosa M. Vasquez

Cool cards!

Sylvia Koelsch

I love them!!!

Linda S.

I really like the graphic look of these cards. Ahh the 70's; baby oil suntans and short shorts. I grew up on the opposite coast in Florida but I'm pretty sure the beach vibe was the same.

Cindi Lynch

LOVE them. (I grew up in the 70's, too.)

Debra Hardy

I love your cards, Wanda. The colors are very "OP" and brought me back to that magical time. I came of age in the 70's and grew up in Southern California! Thanks for the sweet reminder.


These cards are so cool! I love this design!


Beautiful and so vintage! I also grew up in the 70’s in CA. Such great memories!


Absolutely gorgeous.. love both cards with warm and vibrant tones..

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