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Michelle Sullivan

P.s Lucky is quite the handsome quality control manager. What a beautiful coat he has!!


I adore your card Wanda! Great use of the diamond die! Not sure how I missed this stamp set! It's fabulous. XO


Aw, I love that you did the card with Buddy and Lucky together. I'm so glad you got Lucky this year. Even though one animal never replaces another, it does make it a bit easier to cope. I lost my dog Wylie this year after almost 15 years and even though I have two others, I still miss him every day. Thanks for sharing this beautiful card!

Geneva Null

Beautiful card to celebrate your fur babies. ❤️

Rosa M. Vasquez

Cute card. Pets are always a part of our lives, even the ones who are gone.

Cindy D.

A cute card and a sweet tribute to Buddy. Thinking of you on this first anniversary. They are bittersweet. ❤️


Thanks Wanda for the shot of joy I get whenever you post! Love everything about this card and as always your photos are amazing! Hope you have a lovely weekend!


Oh Wanda! You made me think of my boys today... and I miss them like crazy, so thank you! what a darling card!! xx

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