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Rosa M. Vasquez

Okay! Now I’m inspired to make a crafty journal for cards I’ve made and sent out. Mission accepted!


This journal is awesome. Also using everything you already had makes you feel good. The paper you selected is of course perfect. Great project.

Julie L

Wanda, this is just the cutest thing and SO useful. I like Anne’sidea here in comments- I struggle with remembering what stamps etc I have used with cards I sent out and do not want to duplicate. Plus it would be fun to have all the cards pics in one spot. You as usual have inspired more projects! Aren’t we lucky you share your talent! Raining raining here in Atlanta non stop! Have a great weekend!

Anne Sturgeon

Your journal is so pretty. That collection was perfect for this. I am thinking of a journal for birthday cards that I make for family and close friends. I don't want to repeat myself, this way I could know what card I have already sent. For yarns, Nan's suggestion is so smart! I will make myself a note... I believe you do some amazing projects during your rainy days.


So cute! And so smart to have a way to keep track of your projects. I so wish I had pictures of all the quilts I've made & gifted over the years. If I had an advice for new crafters in the yarn world it would be to keep the belly bands with the scraps so you know if it's wool, acrylic etc.


Your journal turned out great! This would be cute to do for a card collection...a book for beachy cards, one for Halloween, another for Christmas, etc. BTW, I'm also glue-challenged so I understand the struggle.

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