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Helen Gullett

That is one gorgeous Fall wreath card, Wanda.
Those colors are just perfect!

Renee Milner

Lovely card--your wreath is so pretty and the colors almost seem to glow!


Welcome home! I enjoyed following along with your trip on instagram.
Aren't trips like that just so refreshing, not only for the body but for the heart also. A rebirth for the total of you. Your card today is just lovely. I always say Autumn is my favorite color, so your card is spot on.

Nancy Hassan

Your colors are spot on ! Welcome back

Anne Sturgeon

Welcome back.... glad you arrived home safely and from the wonderful photos, you had a very good time. Congrats to you and Mark, happy anniversary. Don't the years just seem to be speeding up?? The colors in Michigan are starting to show. We have been plagued with rain but warm temperatures. Today and tomorrow in the 80's. Your card is wonderful. I am going to try your technique as I have a couple of "thank you" cards. My daughter's were very generous to me on my birthday. So glad you are back, I missed you......

Julie L

Love this card Wanda! You captured the leaf colors perfectly. I followed along on IG and your trip looked amazing. I am home from my cross country trip to MT and it IS good to be home!

Virginia P     FL

Wonderful card! Love the fall colors (very rarely seen in FL!) makes me home sick. Wow you got to see and shop at Impress! I receive their blog and just wish I could wander through their store. Enjoyed all your pictures, thanks for taking me on a mini vacation through your pics.

Veronica Fairbrother

Welcome home! The color inspiration from the leaf is perfectly reflected in the coloring of your card.

Denise Bryant

Gorgeous fall card! I love the wreath and the colors!

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