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Tina Hendricks

Love the creativity

Renee Drew

Incredible cards you have created for this amazing give-a-way, Wanda! My favorites are the great ways you've used the Lacy Flower die.

Kathy S

Absolutely awesome cards. Thank you for the inspirations.

Lisa Byers

I love your cards, very beautiful!! The one with die is gorgeous!! I like how you have your swatches on a keyring, that's an excellent idea!!

Becca Yahrling

Love how you used the wheel on your card instead of as a swatch. And that flower is so pretty & elegant.

Donna Lamb Oates

Lovely cards! Innovative and such useful tools to make us better crafters! Just love this!

Nora Noll

Hmmm. I am on a no buy challenge right now but I really want the swatch cards. I have so many things I could use it for. I love the way you created the color wheel card. So clever!! And I am going to have to CASE your use of those gold pigments on a card. I have those paints and have never used them! Lovely Creations


Adore your color wheel card!

Annette Hovestol

Great cards and wonderful release. Thanks for your creations!

Annette Hovestol

Your creations are beautiful. The swatch set is so useful for all mediums.

Laura L Buehler

Thanks for sharing both your swatches and your cards.

Kathryn A

Beautiful cards! Creative use of the colour wheel stamp!

Geri S

Love your cards and the idea os tag swatches on a ring - Thanks!

Jean Chaney

So many wonderful ways to use this fantastic new release. Thanks for the inspiration.


Amazing but what do the letters and icons mean? In the color card there are G T L and so... What are those?

Linda M.

Beautiful cards! Thanks!

Karthikha Uday

Fantastic cards!! I love them both! And the swatches are great for organization! :)

Sandy M

Awesome job! I love how you made the little samples on the ring. It will be great to have a color wheel with MY colors rather than a massed produced wheel. I will be more apt to refer to it than the old one.


Love the variety of card samples.

Michele K. Henderson

Your cards are so pretty, Wanda! I love the Hugs and Prayers sentiment with the gold Lacy Flower die! It's such a pretty combination that would seem appropriate for so many different people! I LOVE that idea!

Jane Crisci

Great blog post! You really explained this well, not to mention your cards are great!

Christina Remter

All around Awesome! This Waffle Flower Release is Just Brilliant!

Teresa  Selby

Awesome cards you made. Love the bright colors too. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful week.

Denise Bryant

Awesome cards, Wanda! I love the color wheel card! And that Lacy Flower XL die is just *gorgeous*!

Margaret B

Love your cute watercolor swatch card.

Michele W

More great ideas for these stamps and dies! It's amazing how something so simple can do so much. Thanks for showing us how you used the swatch cards. Great cards, too! Thanks for sharing!


I love how you used the color wheel as an element on the card. I had already pigeon holed it as the tool. TFS!


I love how you used the color wheel as an element on the card. I had already pigeon holed it as the tool. TFS!

D.Ann C

Swatcha been doin? Now we know! : ) Thx for explaining what Masstone means. I am totally in love with that gorgeous Lacy Flower and your background sets if off beautifully!


It's so interesting that each of you have used these products in totally different ways. Masstone is a new word for me. You were my vocabulary builder for the day

Kelly Butler

Very cool what u did with the key ring swatches. Love the wheel card. Great job!


Interesting projects and a really artistic release.


Beautiful cards! And I love all the different things you can do for swatches and charts with these new stamps! It's wonderful! Thanks for the inspiration!

Mary Holshouser

The color charting is something that's
been needed for a long time. Having
a personalized chart is much better
than trying to match colors to the
pre-printed charts we currently have
thanks for sharing.

Karen S.

Wanda, such a wonderful way to use the color wheel for a card! And that lacy gold die cut is amazing as well. What did Lucky create with this release?

Theresa Petermann

such a brilliant idea. so much potential for actual use and for fun. thanks as always for sharing.

kelly Booth

Amazing Wanda!! Wish I could have ordered them all such a great release!

Debbie Rumpza

This release is making me giddy! And I love your cards. I love playing with my craft supplies, even if it's swatching!

Carmen Lalande

Love the lacy flower and in gold it is just gorgeous!


I love the card you made with the color wheel. Clever! It would be easy to go through my entire stash of paper making nothing but swatches... I would kind of be in heaven with all that organization. =)


Your cards are lovely! I love the purple & teal hues with the gold! Thank you for sharing!

Colleen Howe

Love the swatches and the color wheel background cards. All of you ladies and doing an awesome job coming up with ways to use these stamps on the cards.


Love how you used the color wheel on a card.

Becky Johnson

Love your creativity. Beautiful work.

Betty J

Wanda I appreciate your great swatch tutorial and cards! The swatch and color wheel sets are fantastic! And I can relate to the OCD joy of swatching!😆


Absolutely love your watercolor card! Swatch card and die set are genius!


Fabulous creations Wanda!!

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