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I don't eat pears but I also have many of the same wooden stamps. Fall is almost upon us and time to get them out!


Hi Wanda,
Your card is beautiful! I have that stamp, too, and yes, PSX and Hero Arts were two of my favorite stamp companies, when I started stamping in the mid eighties! I always enjoy your blog and your photos.

Anne D

Your card is gorgeous! I have some PSX stamps too, and will never get rid of them. Love the way you painted this wreath!

Rosa M. Vasquez

Wow! Those photos definitely make me want to have a pear. I like your wreath card, too!

Marisela Delgado

Fabulous card! You did an amazing job coloring! And, yes, girl, I still have PSX stamps. they were top of the line in my book. I used to love their stamps line. I still prefer wood stamps.

Earthpulse Review

Absolutely gorgeous! Someone needs to open an Etsy store soon!

Annie Vincent

So many things to comment about! First off-your card! Such lovely coloring!! Gorgeous! I too love the Mission Gold watercolors and they paint like a dream. That pear stamp is so pretty and I am very partial to wreaths. Secondly I use to live in Sacramento. It is indeed one of the prettiest places to live and you are exactly correct with the fact that all that abundant produce is so close and such natural beauty so close. I use to take many drives in the area. Such a lovely spot in the US. And that hint of fall in the air brings back good memories for me. I know exactly what you mean! Then last but not least, the wood mount stamps bring back many good memories for me too and remind me of my early days of stamping. Wood mount stamps seem to stamp quite well without a stamp positioner. Thank you for sharing such a delightful post.


Those are some of my favorite wood stamps that I have. Beautiful card

Marie Siler

Hi Wanda,
I love making cards with pear stamps, and I love coloring them also. They come in different shades with different blushes of color as well. Would love to visit this area.

Julie L

Wanda, so lovely! Thanks for sharing pics too. Your photography is amazing. I am ready for fall this year. Those pear stamps could be pretty at Christmas too. Julie L

Betty Sue

Wow! This inspires me to go look at my older stamps! Beautiful! Love all your pictures and this stunning card!

Teresa Doyle

Hi Wanda. Your card is beautiful as are your photos. These would be great inspiration pics for water colouring (at least for me. LOL)
My first stamps were from Hero Arts and PSX also and I still have mine too.
Have a great week.


I have one of those pear stamps also. I have trays of wooden stamps. But I've found that whenever I get rid of one I want it back & regret giving it away.....they sure take up room though. Good thing I have a big closet with shelves! I'll keep them for now. Lovely pear pictures! Have a good day. Always enjoy your blog.

Danielle Dietz

Beautiful colors on your wreath! I have to say when I scroll down and see the strawberries and hydrangea I get excited because I know it is a fabulous blog post from Wanda. I love all the wonderful pictures you post of the areas you visit. :)

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