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Annie Vincent

Wanda-first off let me say that your passion and enthusiasm for this hobby is noticed and contagious. If I am in crafty doldrums I can reignite the spark by reading your blog posts! And you are one of the many bloggers I have specially bookmarked. (I have my own exclusive list!) You are very creative, and a lovely person and that comes through your writing and your photographs. I enjoy your projects immensely and the stories about your life outside the craft room!
Having said all that-- I am in complete sympathy with the more pragmatic and tedious details of the money side of this hobby. I totally get the equation of time and effort=money or no money. The way this social media thing works when it comes to monetizing your blog could use some improvements. Perhaps this is something the internet marketing technical gurus are trying to figure out how to do better along with the companies you represent. This seems fairly complicated to me with no easy solutions.
I have Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts. I go to each for different reasons. YouTube is my most used, followed by Instagram. A distant 3rd and 4th is Facebook and Pinterest. I like YouTube for instruction, Instagram for a quick eye candy break and social interaction. Pinterest for eye candy when I don't want social interaction. Facebook is my least favorite as it seems so similar to Instagram and IG is more fun!
I go to the blog posts when I want more indepth info. Sometimes your IG posts will inspire me to jump over to the blog. I am like many of the commenters here. I have a budget and I like to get best price and shipping. I was aware of how affiliate links worked but rarely purchase right away when clicking.
I love paper crafting and am passionate about it too but have not seen my way through to make a living from it. I have spent so much on this hobby but I do it because I love creating, love this crafting community, and love to share handmade kindness. In the end it seems the stamp designers and companies benefit the most financially. There should be a better way to compensate design team members who are bringing them the business but I have yet to figure that out.

Maybe this post will ignite a movement in the community to do just that -figure it out! (As a side note I know all companies are faced with inventory challenges. They take a calculated risk on how much to purchase and hope they can sell it. Simon Says Stamp seems to be the most conservative as they are out of stock quickly on popular items. This seems to be a good problem to have but it is frustrating to consumers. I bet they are looking at better ways to predict and manage inventory! Also they pass on shipping to us customers and I tend to shop more at stores that have better (cheaper!) shipping policies. But I still buy from them because they have such variety! But if I find the same thing on Amazon with free shipping -I am going with Amazon!
Last but not least Jenna Kutcher is a podcaster who has some brilliant ideas on how to drive revenue through social media. It might be worth a follow and a listen. (she is on Instagram too!)

Bless you and I hope my comment wasn't too long but I had to get all that out of my system. Hope it was helpful!


I read all my crafty blogs on my computer, I don't have an instagram nor a facebook account. I don't tend to click on the links to purchase mainly because I am trying to limit my purchasing and use up what is in my stash(it needs to get used and I need to save money due to income at this moment). I would truly miss your blog if it was no longer here - I love the inspiration and seeing what you create and it just feels nice to read crafty blogs! Hope this helps!

Sam Burnett

I read all my blog posts thru my Feedly reader. I usually unfollow those that don't allow a reader preview to show up. I participate in blog hops but don't often comment. I do go to the website from the feed reader when I see a card that I particularly like, so I can get more details on its creation. I try always to use the affiliate links if I decide to buy the product! I try to be fair and use the affiliate link from the first blogger that triggered my interest in the product.

I agree with other commenters there needs to be a better way for compensation to reach bloggers as the 'last click' thing obviously not fair!

And I would be interested to know what does happen when you click a link from your blog that takes you to a product that is out of stock and you put in a notice at that point to be notified when it comes back in stock. Does the company retain the info that we got there from your link? What about if you put the product in shopping cart using the link in your blog, but don't buy immediately? I often put things in my cart using affiliate links from various bloggers but don't actually finalize the purchase until I've added a bunch of things I want.

Bottom line is I do love your blog. I note one commenter said her business advisor indicated blogs were a dying breed, much like books I guess, but I still much prefer reading a blog or an actual book over seeing just a pic on instragram or pinterest or reading a book on Kindle. Although I do all of those things too, blogs are my favorite place to go for craft inspiration.

Nancy Hassan

I love your blog and you have inspired me to shop. I must admit I had no idea how it worked and would have bought thru link had I known. I do read your post and always leave happy. I would be sad if you stopped....

Vikki H

I read your blog and IG feed several times a week but do not use the links as I wait for one big order. I appreciate all your work but a simple listing of your products helps me more than the links (but not you, so sorry). Your style of writing, sense of humor and the variety with photography and side trips added is a delight. Thanks for all the inspiration.


I follow your blog by email and have for many years. I am not a participant of instagram. I will usually support my local stamp store instead of clicking on links. I am lucky to have a local stamp store, they are a dying breed. Your explanation of the time and expense of blogging is eye-opening! I will keep this in mind if I do need to purchase online. Thank you for sharing all that you do.


Hi Wanda!!
This is such an informative post, I can't thank you enough for sharing more of the details into what goes into the making of your wonderful blog posts. I am sad to say I rarely leave comments on the actual blogs anymore, I truly want to leave comments. I know it takes a lot of work, love, and effort to create each project. I appreciate the time and creativity that goes into each one. To answer your questions, I read blog posts less than before, before IG and Pinterest, my main learning source was from Youtube and Blogs. I usually read the info on the email newsletter. I will try to leave a comment at the moment I receive the email if time allows in my schedule.
I do follow crafters mostly on Instagram. To be completely honest I didn't really use product links to do my shopping. I just learned about affiliate links, I am all for shopping with my crafty friends' links now that I know about them. Once again I can not thank you enough for your amazing work!! You are an inspiration!


Jodi Kydd

Hi Wanda! I read your blog each time via email, but must admit that I rarely actually go to the blog itself which is also why I don't comment. I also follow you on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, where I am more likely to comment. I rarely do contests or blog hops or any of that kind of thing because I just don't have the time for it. Instagram is quicker, so I tend to spend more time on there I think.

I have recently cut back on a lot of the blogs I was following because I was just getting too many emails, but yours is my absolute favourite and that is because I feel like I know you through your blog posts in a way that I probably wouldn't if I was just following you on Instagram or Facebook. You feel like a friend to me and a crafting mentor where as with many blogs, I'm not sure I could even name the person behind the blog. A couple of times when you have commented back to me or liked a comment I have made on social media, I tell my husband about it and it's like a celebrity commenting for me!

I also find I'm spending A LOT more time on YouTube these days learning various things. I realized I hadn't checked if you had a channel, so just started following you there this morning. Adding videos there might be another money making opportunity.

Because I live in Canada, I rarely click on affiliate links. The shipping and customs charges are crazy, so I'm more likely to wait until I want to order many things and then just do one order with one shipping cost rather than order things randomly. I've also gotten a bit overwhelmed by the amount of companies and products there are available, so I have kind of narrowed it down to my faves from the US which are Taylored Expressions (where I originally found your blog!) and Lawn Fawn. I also order cardstock and supplies from Stampin Up because I can order that in Canada and not have to pay duty. In general, I'm trying not to buy as much stuff anymore because the hoard of stuff I already have is underused.

I love your blog and hope you will continue it in a way that works best for you! If you want to simplify it without all of the links, I would still read it just the same! I know there are a number of ways to monetize a blog, so perhaps there are some other options. I also think the stamp companies need to be paying their influencers in other ways than just affiliate links. I hope the industry will continue to grow and evolve!

Robin K.

It was pretty eye-opening to me to read your post. I know how long it takes me just to make a card and I'm no professional. So it was interesting to read how long it takes to produce a video or blog post. I agree with those who have said that online stamp companies would not survive without bloggers like you. And there should be a better way to earn compensation rather than by "last click". Maybe by number of subscribers? Number of views? I also agree that the number of bloggers continues to increase and that makes it more difficult to compete. I love your blog but also rarely comment. This is a good wake up call for all of us to comment so you know how much we appreciate you sharing your creative ideas. Because without those, I'd just be a collector of crafting products. Thank you for all you do. And good luck in making this very difficult decision.



First let me say I feel your pain. I’m an Interior Designer who has been in my industry for 30+ years. We have seen nearly all of our business go to the internet. Service and quality seem to be a thing of the past.

With that said we’ve had to learn to work smarter and in others join the pack. My SEO (Search Engine Optimization) guy has basically told me blogs are a dying breed and has encouraged me to post maybe once a week just to keep your name in front of the Google guru’s, whoever that is ...hah hah. He then encouraged me to be a lot more active on Instagram You Tube, and Pinterest.

Then there is the fact we also like to make money. Again I’ve had to change my ways. We are presently looking at teaching online classes, selling private labeled items, selling ebooks on line, all of which brings in additional and ongoing revenue.

How I found you is through a blog hop several months ago. I use crafting as an outlet for stress but yet remain creative. Thanks to others so freely giving of yourselves, Ive learned a lot.

Now for the big ouch, and I’m just going to be honest because it took a business coach to ‘rip of the bandage’ for me. Everyone, including me and I’m sure a lot of your readers, are looking for the best price on all items. Just think about stores like Ikea, Costco, etc. Amazon is so readily available, along with coupons from Michaels, Joanne’s etc. that as consumers we have to watch out for ourselves. The small businesses are a dying breed.

Sooooooo. think of something you can do with your talent that no one else can provide and go for it! You are so talented I bet you could design a line of stamps, teach Copic classes, organize and teach at craft retreats, etc.

I’ll get off my soapbox but please k n o w I feel your growing pains.

Susan In San Diego

Pauline T.

I have been reading your blog for a couple of years now and check it several times a week hoping for a new post, but I admit I have never commented. I am a new instagram user and now have a new appreciation for comments from followers! I love your blog and it has inspired me to get back into cardmaking after a 15 year hiatus (I sold my handmade cards through a representative until I finally acknowledged I was probably earning about 50 cents an hour!). I had no idea that each blog post was so time consuming... but the crummy photos I take should have tipped me off!! I don't use affiliate links because I usually save up all my purchases to save on shipping costs and try to stretch my dollars by using coupons locally. I wish there was a better way for you to be compensated for the great marketing you do for the stamp companies. I do hope you decide to continue your blog as your posts and cards always brighten my day.

Stacey Kowbel

Hi Wanda, I'm sorry for the struggle! I do follow your blog, but read it via email as I do most blogs. I'm sure like a lot of people and that you have indicated, I am most likely to comment on contest posts, although I do try to comment otherwise as it's not fair to just comment when there's a contest. So outside of contests, I tend to comment when things really capture me as I do follow a LOT of blogs and just don't have the time for continuously comment on all posts. And because I follow a lot of blogs, I tend not to use affiliate links as I run into the dilemma of whose links I would use, so I just don't use any. Thanks for sharing this with us and thank you for the creativity you share - it is truly inspiring!


I follow you on IG the most but occassionally read the blog. I wish I had more time to go through blogs. I usually shop directly with a store and have just found out about how these affiliate links work. I have clicked them but not sure if one always gets the credit. I have been told if you click out and then back in the person loses the credit too. Hope this helps. Love your beautiful cards.

Kim Heggins

Wonderful post...sent you an email.

Marisela Delgado

Your blog is fabulous. I do NOT use social media so I get all of my info from blog posts like yours. I now only use my email specifically for stamping blogs. No one email's anymore. I comment when I really like something and for giveaways. Everything else about your blog is just fine!

Karen Stevens

Hi Wanda, I have followed your blog on email for a few years. I miss seeing Buddy as we are kitty people to. I appreciate your being a real person in your posts. Your projects are always an inspiration. I didn't know about affiliates and will be more aware when I shop. I am still working and finding less time to play but reading your blog inspires me to make some time to create. Keep sharing with us.

Anne Sturgeon

Hi Wanda. I am reading both blogs and email newsletters. Sometimes actual sites but have found others thru content. I only comment when I am loving a card. I do not do Instagram or Facebook. Too complicated for me... I have only used a link on a couple of occasions and you might not have gotten anything from it??? I do love your blog and have learned so much from you. I now know how labor intensive a blog is and will stand by your decision to blog or not to blog.... I am proud to be in your tribe!

Beth Caruso

You are an awesome blogger. I started making cards almost 20 years ago. I took a lot of classes and subscribed to magazines. It was fun to be with others with the same interests. Over time, the magazines went away as did most of the stores ... without the blogs, this hobby would not thrive. As much as I love card making, I rely on you (and others) for inspiration. I may love a die / stamp set / supply but I need ideas! I wonder if the companies understand that they would fail without you guys. Admittedly, I do read more on Instagram than full blogs. I usually do not use the links. But I do buy the products I see used! I’m sorry that my ignorance is costing you money! I will try to be more considerate. I often make a decision to buy a product after seeing how a few bloggers use it. If other bloggers are having similar issues, I wonder if you can band together and discuss it with the companies. These companies need you and you should be compensated. For better or worse, the industry has changed over the last 20 years. I really hope bloggers like yourself find a way to transition (unlike small craft shops and magazines) ...
I must say you are amazingly talented and you photography is outstanding.

Jane Towse

Hi Wanda, What a heartfelt blog post, I love your honesty. I read your blog everyday. Your projects are always beautiful and inspiring. And your photos are just so fantastic, especially Lucky!! I live in the UK and don't buy anything from the States as the postage is ridiculous so don't use your links I'm afraid. I see your Facebook posts and although not on instagram, love to go onto yours via your blog, to see all the wonderful pictures and posts you put on there. I'm a scaredy cat when it comes to commenting I will admit. I must improve on that score!! I do hope you continue with your blog, I for one would miss 'seeing' you.

Teresa C

Hi Wanda. I appreciate your detailed and thoughtful blog post and sent you an e-mail.
Take good care of yourself, my friend.

Mindy Drummond

Hi Wanda, thanks for deciding to ask your tribe for feedback, it shows you do care about the people that follow you and that's not always the case with some bloggers. I am new to papercrafting/card making/mixed media so I am new to your blog as well although not new to blogs and how they work. I usually click thru from emails to the actual blog to read the post partly because I like seeing what else is on the blog that I may have missed in an email. I comment when I have something to say or am really inspired by the post regardless if it's to enter a contest or not. As far as affiliate links go I do click on them if I want to see the product and add it to my cart on that website but it's rare that I make the purchase at that time. I generally wait until I have enough in my cart to make the shipping worth while so it does suck as far as affiliate commissions go for the blogger. If the affiliate links were not there I would still go to the website to look at the product so depending on time/money for you the affiliate links are not a big draw for me. I follow all social media links and look at them occasionally but I always read blog posts. I know most bloggers put in a lot of time, effort, and money into their blogs and I personally love reading them and getting inspiration.....it's what keeps our "creating" interesting and growing but I know it has to be hard for y'all. I hope you continue your blog but you do what your heart tells you to do, we will still be your tribe :)


Hi Wanda,
I have followed your blog for several years now. I love the projects you feature and do use your affiliate links. However, I didn’t know about the last click wins!
I do have a comment about affiliate links though. All bloggers say that this program is provided at no cost to the buyer, however, in order to provide a commission to the blogger, the money paid in commission by companies has to come from somewhere, and that is reflected somewhere along the line, by pricing from these companies. So there is actually a cost. I know this and accept this. I have no problem with clicking on your links.
I simply wanted to make this point, no reflection on you at all.
Again, I love your blog!!


I get email notifications each time you blog and usually check in to see what you've been up to. I think that a lot of the problem with fewer comments and clicks might be the popularity of Instagram. When I first began reading blogs, Instagram wasn't even a thing. I was so disappointed with the loss of all my favorite craft magazines, so bloggers became my inspiration and instructors! None of my local friends stamp or make cards, so the blog world was my main source of social outlet when it came to crafts. I subscribe to so many blogs now that I often get up to 200 email notifications in a day...yikes! Now Instagram has exploded and I am struggling to read all of my favorite IG posts and accounts as well. The IG posts are fun and easier to read, but I don't get the same behind-the-scenes peek at a crafter's life and process so still read blogs.

I, along with many other stampers that I know, seem to have slowed down on their purchase of new products. So many of the manufacturers make the same thing over and over again, so once you've gotten two unicorn stamps, you're done. It's sounding to me that the time and expense involved is really not worth it at this point in your life, and you need to do what is right for you. Is it possible to continue to share your talents and thoughts without depending on the side income?
I appreciate the time put in by every blogger and often feel so inspired by what I read that I go straight up to my craft room to make something. Thank you for all that you do to motivate and inspire other crafters Wanda! I hope that you get useful info from those who reply to your post and that you continue to share your beautiful projects with us...in any way you choose!

Kimberley Hamilton

I read blog posts and I also follow Instagram a lot! But you are an inspiration and you can’t give up. You are too talented to leave blogland. I am currently in a place where I am trying to launch my affiliate sales and card classes because of massive bullying and abuse at work. I have loved my work for 20 years but I think life is too short to be taken down by anyone. You have so much talent that we all look to for inspiration. You can’t walk away because we need you!


Read every one of your blog posts. I get a lot of inspiration from your posts. I love the details that you show. My stamping has improved through the process that you share. Also enjoy your photos. Do not use Instagram at all.
Do not buy a lot of things but do use your links when purchasing on line. Do not comment as often as I should & will try & do better. Love you & your blog & look forward to reading/seeing them.


Dear Wanda, Thank you for your very thoughtful and informative post, today. I have subscribed to your blog for a few years, and I have enjoyed it very much. You have such a talent for expressing yourself and sharing your thoughts and your beautiful pictures. I subscribe to quite a few blogs, and really don't have time to read every one of them every time I receive an email. I often read the email before going to the blog, it just depends if I want to pursue a thought or item a little further. I started spending too much time on my computer, and stopped following a few blogs, but I do have favorites, and your is one. I am not a blogger, so didn't know the costs of blogging, and I am surprised! That being said, I will definitely pay more attention to the affiliate links and support you and other bloggers who inspire me to shop, rather than going to the company directly. I too, keep things in my "cart" for quite a while before buying, so I can save on shipping costs. As for commenting, I always want to, but most of the time I spend so much energy trying to say just the right thing, that it becomes too time consuming. This is the longest comment I have ever written:) Like some others, I have not been commenting on contests as much, because the odds are too great. I just started Instagram, so" liking" something is pretty easy, and I like that. Love your style, your photos and your heartfelt blog.

Jayne Hunt

One more thing I thought of... When you do a facebook post, it would be great to have a direct link to that blog post, I'd be more likely to click and visit. :)


I don’t go to blogs... although I was just insta stories and saw your post thanks my people for feedback so I thought I’d come see. This morning first trip to a blog in2 weeks. If I can figure it out from Instagram I’m good to go as far as card making. I prefer looking at the pics and moving on. IG allows me to see people’s work quickly. I’m guessing IG has hurt your traffic, which in turn hurts sales from affiliate links. I don’t do blog hops at all... no matter if there are prizes or not. Chances of winning are slim and time spent going from blog to blog and comment isn’t worth the value of the prizes. I do like ve your IG account and your work. I wish you the best in making the decisions ahead that are best for you! ❤️


I’m not on social media, so I come to your blog directly (it’s bookmarked so I check it daily). I have bookmarked only 6 bloggers, otherwise I’d be reading blogs more than crafting. I do comment on giveaways, but only on sites I follow regularly.
My crafting budget is tiny in retirement so I rarely shop online. You introduced me to scrapbook.com, but I seldom order (just basics, on sale). Recently I won 2 giveaways so I purchased using my prizes. Otherwise I try to use coupons at JoAnn and Michaels. All my local stores have closed as a result of competition from online stores.
Your photography is excellent, and instructions are always clear. Many bloggers now just video, but I don’t often have time to watch And I agree with the poster above who stated that many bloggers use hundreds of dollars worth of product on a simple card. The industry seems to be more focused on sales quotas than inspiring creativity and joy.
I do appreciate the work that goes into your site and its professional appearance (and lack of spelling/grammatical errors).

Patt H.

Hi Wanda, wow, I didn't realize how much work & expense goes into a blog! Thanks for sharing that. I get your blog via email & almost always go to your site to read it. I have used your links to buy products but lately , especially at SSS, what I'm after is out of stock. I try to buy several things at once to help with shipping & when several items are out of stock I have to wait till later. My SSS wish list is really long!! I enjoy your chats with us & love all the inspiration but my husband is quite ill & I don't always have time to comment like before. Life changes quite fast when illness hits so I'm not buying as much now either. Keep up the good work & I hope things get better for you.

Paulette Still

Hi Beautuiful Wanda!
I hear Ya. I’ve had to go back to work. I’m following less often and blogging less myself. I was just about to figure out affiliate links when I went back to work. I buy product all the time and I use affiliate links cfrom other blogs. Blogging is a major chore, from filming to editing to linking. I appreciate the boggers who put in the time. I have unsubscribe to a lot of my favs, but I’m still with you. But you gotta do what is best for you.

Could you use a free site like word press? I’m thrifty by nature and I use them. They update a lot. Love you Wanda!


Bee T

I like your blog and always enjoy your bright & cheery cards. I used to look at blogs everyday for card ideas. But now I can find them easily via Instagram. I then go to the blog or more likely YouTube for additional information.i have never used the affiliate links.

Jennifer Hovermale

Hi!! Let's see,#1- I subscribe to sooo many crafting blogs, that I don't have time to read them all, or even most of them. I sorta skim through & if I have a stamp set similar I'll pin it to one of my many boards on Pinterest. #2- this varies. If I'm going to 📌 the card on Pinterest then I have to go to the actual blog post. Otherwise I just read it thru my email, unless I have to go to the blog post cuz it says"read more " in the email post.
#3- I know I should leave more comments & I wish I could, but it already takes me HOURS to go thru my email. I'm sorry but I do most of the time, read your post. & I'm VERY sorry that I don't comment more. Also, I'm not one of those who even leave a comment cuz there's a giveaway going on. Otherwise I'd never get a card made!
#4- I can't think of anything different that I'd want you to do different.
#5- I don't follow Instagram, other than checking my own brother's posts. He stationed in S. Korea right now.
#6- I don't need you to do product links cuz I don't buy anything just cuz you show it on your blog. If I need something, then I'll buy it- either from Amazon, Michael's, Wal-Mart, EBay & only a few times from Scrapbook.com. But by then it's been YEARS since anyone showed it (so I figured the link would no longer be good.)
#7- I don't use product links cuz of #6. But I have no problem using them & would love to use them!!! It's insane not to!! Have someone else get $ who's blog I follow without any cost to me. It's a win-win!!! But my budget doesn't allow me to buy as much as I'd like. (Except after my birthday & Christmas😁)
#8- You make very beautiful cards & I enjoy your blog very much !!! I'm sorry that I don't comment more often!!!!


I am finding that I really go to blog posts anymore. You were right in your theory regarding my activity that I am seeing cards on social media. When I really rarely leave comments anywhere. I don’t even enter giveaways. I like it when I can get to an affiliate link from social media because that way I will buy from a post. But if I have to go to a blog? I probably won’t sadly your work always inspires me and I hope you can find a way To keep doing it. You were so talented


I've commented earlier today but now have a question. If for instance I see something on honey bee stamps that I want to order but haven't seen on your blog & you haven't demo'd, if I come back to your blog & order sod you still get credit? Hope that makes sense Wanda. You can tell I'm not a blogger!❤️😜

Charlene Wurtz

Thanks for wanting input on your blog. I have always enjoyed your blog and the darling ways you use supplies. I get your blog in my email and click on it to come directly to your site. I am not on facebook or instagram as I find them to be just another distraction and furthermore I love the information you give on your blog. You are a very friendly blogger and it is always nice to read your posts. I have used links to products if it is something I just can't live without, otherwise I look for the product and then decide after I see the price and shipping (and whether it is in stock). I don't usually buy 1 thing at a time but rather wait until I either see a sale from the company or I need enough to get free shipping. I wish blogging could go back to when it was simple - just folks sharing and connecting with their art.

Nancy Thomas

You have beautiful projects and I visit your blog via Feedly which I log into everyday. I do not usually click on affiliate links as I am not going to buy immediately. Due to high shipping charges I usually build a list of things I want and order at one time from the bigger stores like EH or SSS. I realize that is not the answer you are looking for but there is only so much of our income I am going to devote to a hobby and saving on shipping charges is one of the ways I can keep costs down. I do love instagram and tend to comment more there than anyplace else but I also comment on blogs as well when I have the time.


yes, I still read blogs. I like crafty blogs better than the short FB posts or IG. I love blog videos. But I rarely visit the actual blogs. I use a blog reader. Not sure how that impacts your views. It also means that even though I may visit the site you suggest for purchasing items, I am not doing it thru the link on your blog unless it is embedded in the blog itself. I rarely comment since it means i leave my blog reader to do that.

Cindy D.

Wanda, thanks for reaching out for feedback. I read your blog posts via email and follow you on IG. I don't take the time to read blogs when they're long and wordy, though. I also don't click the affiliate links anymore for the same reason as others - everything I want is out of stock at SSS. So frustrating! And, like others, commenting to win a prize has been futile, so I don't do that anymore, either. My go-tos for craft inspiration are IG and YouTube. I hope that helps. I know you put a lot of time, energy, and $$ into your beautiful and inspiring papercrafts.

Kristi H.

I've sent you an email with feedback, but hope you find peace with whatever decision(s) you make. I love your work and enjoy your blog, but you have to do what makes you happy. God bless you, and good luck!

Vicki M.

Hi Wanda! I do read your blog several times a week by going to the site. I don't subscribe to any blogs or you-tube sites because I get enough email! Lol. I just go to the sites on my own. I don't do IG or Twitter. I enjoy your blog and all of the time and heart you put into it! I love your photography posts also, makes me miss my home state of CA! I rarely comment on anyone's blogs, I guess I am more of a lurker. Ha. I have occasionally used affiliate links from various people but only if there is something I absolutely must have at that time. I already have so much stash that it doesn't happen all that often! I enjoy your blog so much that I would miss it if you stopped but accept the time and financial realities that may cause that to happen. Best of luck!!

Jayne H

Hey Wanda! I'm a fairly new follower, and I follow you on facebook. I don't usually take the time to come over to the blog. I don't like Instagram. Mostly, I only comment on blogs when the blogger asks for feedback, like this! But, I like being asked :) I prefer blogs that are quick to read through, with more pictures than text. Your photography is beautiful.

I seldom use Simon Says Stamp, because their shipping fee is high. Have you thought about linking with Hallmark Scrapbooking? I am happier with their rates and customer service. I also purchase quite a bit from My Favorite Things. Have you considered affiliating with other companies, like New England Coffee Company, or Republic of Tea, for example? Crafters are coffee and tea drinkers! Or if you have a pet you blog about, Chewy or Petsmart? Just some thoughts.

Mary Koby

Hi Wanda,
I have your blog bookmarked so I can check it for lovely creative inspiration. Your style is distinct and unique, and I love your use of color.Your road trip photography is a huge favorite too! I don't comment often as I never learned to type and am awfully slow on a keyboard. I also tired of commenting for contests long ago as I never won anything after many years of trying. I tend to shop on release nights since popular items go out of stock so quickly. I miss my last LSS here in San Diego. I do comment when I feel you need a personal lift, as I feel like I know you through this blog, and I do care! Thanks for all your good effort, sharing yourself and Lucky. I will try to use your links.

Virginia P     FL

Good morning Wanda, I still follow your blog which is emailed to me but have found that I don't comment on blogs much any more. I am motivated/inspired by many of the blogs that I read that at times. I find that I don't create much...am I imitated...not sure. I think that I follow companies more on Instagram and FB. My biggest frustration is that when I see an item that you have used or another blogger, when I go to SSS or EH its out of stock and I wait list the item. I have realized that many of the items that you demonstrate are new and not available yet when I use the links to order. Then of course the companies that I frequent do not stock lots of a particular item and will sell out before I get to place an order, which is also understandable. We have lost the small craft stores in my immediate area and so now its either a 45 minute drive to the Michael's, Joanne's or Hobby Lobby or online order, which does not help when you need something. I do enjoy reading your blog and your travels thru your pictures so please continue them, if possible. Didn't realize there is such time/cost to running a blog. Your new fur baby is so cute and my heart broke for you when Buddy passed. Think that I sat here crying when I read your blog. Our cats are such an important part of our lives that when they are gone there is such hurt. Know you'll never quite fill the hole in your heart for Buddy but in time Lucky will help.

Lizzie T

I read blogs weekly - it's usually my Saturday morning ritual. I leave comments if I am blown away by the card/project or want to provide encouragement. I think your blog is great - you have gorgeous photos and cute cards and hearing about your life is touching and something I don't see much in other blogs.
I did not realize the cost involved - that's a big bummer. I tend to follow my fav bloggers on Instagram and Pinterest as well but still visit blogs because I may want to "pin" the card to my board or get details on how card was made/technique.
I've never really clicked on a link for a product - I tend to build up a list of items I want and then log onto a site and buy from there.
If you decide to stop blogging I hope you continue to use social media like IG so I can continue to see your work.
Years ago I had made bath and body products for friends and family and it turned into a small business but when out wasn't fun anymore (i.e. not making $$ - too much time involved) I stopped, sadly. I vowed to not do that with my card making. I LOVE doing it for the sole reason of giving my "art" to someone I care about. I have a blog too that I really (and rarely) use for when I participate in a contest or card class and it's free. I can't beat that! I'm in awe of the time and love you and other amazing bloggers out there do in this community. It's a full time job really and I appreciate that!
Do what your heart tells you - we'll understand and support you :) HUGS!


I, like many others, read every blog post because I enjoy it immensely. What I have found with the affiliate links is that when I click on the link, more often than not, the product is out of stock so I just either forget it or add it to a wishlist or a “notify me” list. SIMON says Stamp, in the last year, has gotten REALLY BAD about not having products in stock. When it is re-stocked, it will say they have 2 left and when I click again on the link, the product is gone again. By that time, I am irritated and have lost interest. I have a wishlist with them that has over 20 items, all of which have been out of stock for over a month. My last order with them took over a month to get. In short, maybe it’s the company you are linking to that needs to be re-thought. Another thing is the shipping rates. If I buy one thing at a time, I have to pay shipping on each item and that makes it too expensive. Probably when an item goes to the wish list and I keep clicking on the website to see if it’s in yet, you lose your commission. I’m so sorry this is happening to you.

Linda S.

o I read your blog in email and rarely go to your website.
o I'm terrible about leaving comments, thank you for reminding me that that makes a difference in your life and what you do.
o I sometimes click on product links so I appreciate them being there but I don't shop a lot.
o I don't do Instagram.
o I do read crafting blogs but mostly in email.
o I like your blog because it is so personal.


I love your blog Wanda! Thanks for always sharing your projects as well as your private life with us. I also sent an email.

Shawn Wenrich

Hi Wanda!
Yes, I read all of the blog posts that I subscribe to. I read them from email and go to the site if there’s a contest or if I want to pin the inspiration. Honestly I almost always pin your cards as they are fabulous!
I’m likely to leave a comment if there’s a contest or if the post touches me in some way to let you know I’m here for you. On YouTube I almost always leave a comment if the video inspires me in some way.
I hardly ever go to Instagram. To me it doesn’t give enough information about the technique or card.
I do use the affiliate links whenever possible. However I had no idea that the last link overrides the previous one, omg!
I will be sure that I use your links right before purchasing as I want to make sure I’m supporting a crafter that always inspires me and I want you to stay around forever!!! I can’t tell you how many of your posts simply wow me with your creativity, style and beautiful photography!
I will be sure to let you know I’m here by commenting on all of your posts.
Please stay with us Wanda and I’ll do my part by using your links, love you to pieces!

Laura Greig

Wanda, thank you so much for your post. As a blog reader, it's so good to get a glimpse of the perspective from you as a blogger. I was aware of the links to shopping being a small amt of income to those posting it. I also admit that I'm not particularly careful whose link (or just go to the site directly) that I may use when I do buy products. I have a ton of supplies and less and less time to use them lately. I'm one of those in the "oreo generation"...stuck between aging parents who need help and grandchildren arriving and trying to help the new parents. This leaves less and less time for my own passions. I find that when I do see products I like, I write them down and after probably months I may make one purchase and pick up a half dozen things that have been on my list and I still want to purchase. At that time, there may have been several different bloggers who have shown a product as I do read many blogs. I probably don't use the link from any of them and just do directly to the site. In the future, I may try to write down where I saw the item or who really inspired me to purchase it and make the effort to use their link. I absolutely DO read every one of your posts and love your work! You do inspire me with every post, thank you!!

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