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Linda E

Catching up on some long-overdue blog reading. I do a lot on my phone these days so I don’t often comment. But I couldn’t pass this post by without saying congratulations to you and Mark! My husband and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary in May. For our 25th, we got a new roof! Practical, some might say! However, I love to think of the symbolism of that new roof!

Rosa M. Vasquez

Yay! For you both. Have another 25 happy years, too!

Nancy Leppek

Happy Silver Jubilee to you Wanda (and Mark of course). What a beautifully written post. I pray that your next 25 years be filled with love and happiness. The gift mark got you is so special! I too have been married 25 years and married my best friend. BTW...your photos just blow me away! You have many talents that we all are envious of...don't stop!


Congratulations on 25 years. Thank you so much for sharing your story. It is so relatable. I always look forward to your great blog and the wonderful inspiration it provides!


Hi Wanda, I admire you for sharing your personal stories! Happy wonderful glorious anniversary to you and Mark! And keep posting!!! 😀

Lizzie T

Oh Wanda your heartfelt posts always bring a tear to my eye (in a good way)! Congrats on being married to an amazing soul mate for 25 years!!!! I'll be married 24 years in the fall. We've also had many ups and downs, but that's what a relationship is all about - it's how you handle it is the key. Both my inlaws and parents are still married and even both of my sisters' inlaws - you don't see that much these days. That bond is so important. People give up too easily on each other sometimes. I LOVE the Silver Jubilee concept - what a great way to honor your relationship!! The necklace Mark got you is so awesome - what a great guy! I'm so happy for you and for sharing this with us. Have an awesome Silver Jubilee!!!!!!

Vikki H

Sweet 25! Congratulations and many more adventures ahead of you two! My husband and I were set up by our roommates while in dental school/dental hygiene training. They asked me to clean this senior dental students' teeth and I agreed. As a thank you he took me out to dinner and it progressed from there. He was also prompted by another dental student's remark that he was going to ask me out. LOL We'll arrive at 45 years in August, almost all good, but some harder when we got lazy with our relationship. God and faith was the glue that kept us working at it. He's my rock and steadies his quick-to-criticize partner in the most loving way. Thanks for your authenticity.

Susie Lessard

What a wonderful love story! Thank you for sharing both pieces of your heart (yours and Marks). Words that edify and build up - that's so important. Team players (5 years apart) - navy wives understand (she winks). And planting a "25" year tree - that's going to be such a beautiful memory and piece of your lives. I love that you've lived in your home for 17 years! We moved 28 times (overseas and state side) -- that's a lot of moves my friend. What did I learn? Make a home where ever it may be. Learn to dust off your sandals and move on when God calls because it doesn't belong to us anyway. Life is hard, and the cards we are dealt aren't necessarily the ones we wish for, but... they are the ones Gods knows we need. Sometimes we feel like we go around the mountain a million times. Learn to forgive - it releases us and the other person. Thank you Wanda for your encouragement and support recently. Everyone needs it now and then. I'll write my love story in the fall - 50 years for us! Just two kids from the west valley of Phoenix (she smiles).

Denise Ferguson

Congratulations on your great milestone! It's not easy to stay totally committed to someone. You're an inspiration to many I'm sure! I celebrate my 40th in a few months! Love the Tiffany bling! So pretty.

donna mikasa

Happy Silver Jubilee, Wanda (and Mark!) What a beautiful tribute to Mark and your incredibly full and loving life. May the next chapter of your lives be filled with love and laughter and...more little blue boxes! ;)


Congrats to tou and mark. it is 26 years ago for us that we meet and 23 years ago of being married. We too where a bind date on Halloween set up by a witch to practiced white magic. 6 months after being together she disappeared to this day we don't know what happened to her. I am very thankful for our spooky kinda love hehe..

Kelly Griglione

Wanda! I loved learning more about you, and your amazing relationship with your husband! I also appreciate your efforts to keep things real, and not just talk about all the mimosas you’ve sipped together watching the sun set over the ocean. You know my husband and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary last year, and our 30th first date anniversary. Lots of ups and downs, and in the last few months we’ve made an official attempt to address some pretty big issues we’ve had since the beginning. It’s never too late! Life is too precious to leave things on cruise control. Love is a lot of work, but also very much worth it!! Big congrats to you both, and I love how he left you a sweet comment on your post : ) xo, kelly

Ohhh Snap

Congratulations on your silver jubilee! It is truly an impressive milestone : )


Congratulations and may you have many more. I am happy for you that you have each other.


Thanks for sharing your love story and personal journey. My husband of 33 years died 2 years ago and he was very supportive of all my ventures and adventures as your husband is. You are truly blessed.


I love this! Thank you for sharing your heart. These kinds of posts are my favorite to read. I noticed your necklace and wanted to ask for the story but got sidetracked {such is life}. You are awesome and kind and I am SO glad to have met you. Enjoy the moments and thank you for the gentle reminders to be grateful for our partners. I hope you are feeling right side up and plugging along this weekend and going forward. Big hugs awesome girl!

Janet Sisk

I love your love story! My hubby and I met back in 10th grade Typing class - yes, back when we had typewriters and no PCs. If you had told me back then that we would end up married later I would have laughed and said "no way"! Life has a funny way of taking different paths with many twists and turns. Later when I was working at Opryland in the summer between my junior and senior year of college. My hubby and I got into the same group of friends because of working at Opryland. I actually starting carpooling with him. I had a crush on his best friend and would talk to him about it - not knowing that HE actually had a crush on me. Well, later in the summer he finally asked a coworker out on a date. For some reason that REALLY bothered me. I then realized that I was missing what was right under my nose the whole time. I only had a week to work before his date. Let's just say that he kept his date because he is a gentleman, but I won the man. We have been married for 34 years on June 29th with 2 daughters. Life for us had been a roller coaster, too. We have a special needs daughter and some other family issues that have been difficult, but our faith and love have seen us through. Happy Anniversary to you and many more!!!

Wanda Cullen

Big CONGRATULATIONS on your 25th year together! I loved reading your love story and you are definitely spot on when you say you need to recognize and celebrate the relationship! I don't have a grand love story...guess it's more of a co-existence story...a long story not always filled with much happiness. Life goes on and now as I begin the battle with breast cancer, I focus on my 3 wonderful grandchildren and my 3 wonderful kids and their spouses/significant others. I try to focus on the positive and I'm blessed that I don't have to go the journey alone. God is always with me! Hugs to you dear blog friend!

Natalie Winterstein

Wanda, I love when you share your stories with us! And my hubby and I got married in 2001 as well! (May 26th!) We met at work (part time job in warehouse) and have been together for almost 22 years. It's been HARD. Until you are married you have no idea. But our faith in God and love and respect keep us going! I am convinced that only when Jesus at the center can you make it through the trials and tribulations that WILL come. Because they will. Love the silver heart, it's beautiful. Have a great weekend and wonder jubilee! I will look forward to hearing about your adventures!

Shemaine Smith

Congratulations Wanda! Thank you for sharing your love story with us today. Our love story started in a Yahoo IM chat. He was curious about my screen name, Dodgrgurl so he messaged me asking if I was a Dodger fan, then he tested me on my loyalty asking who my favorite player was as a kid. Don Sutton of course! From there we spent hours chatting and after a week or so I gave him my #. Our first date was at Bob's Big Boy in Burbank Ca. I instantly fell in love with those green eyes, the very same our daughter has. Marriage is not perfect. Our lives are not perfect. You are right about social media, we need to enjoy what we have, not be jealous of what we "think" others have that we don't. Enjoy your Silver Jubilee!!

Sav O’Gwynn

Happy 25th!!!!! Praise the Lord for such a wonderful husband and love between you two! Your story of family and how your husband was a gift from God sounds similar to mine!!!! I always say that God restored the years the locusts ate when He gave me Trav (Joel 2:25).

I would love to share my story but it would take too long😜 I can answer two questions quickly:

1. We just celebrated 12 years of YES (the day he asked me to marry him was 6.14.06).

2. What keeps us together? The only thing that can- God! A cord of three (Ecc. 4:12b).

Many blessings to you guys!!!! Here’s to 100 more years of wedded bliss❤️ Sav

Diane Oliver

Wanda congratulations on your Silver Jubilee! So special and I loved reading your story. Sounds like you'll have another 25; and then a 25 added to that! Support and love of a spouse is so special in this day and age... .I applaud you both. Love your 25 charm, and those roses are absolutely gorgeous! I have made many 'blogger' friends, at least I call them friends, that I have I never met. I consider YOU one of them. Hugs

Julie L

Wanda, thank you for sharing your wonderful love story! God has blessed you with not only a wonderful husband but a best friend!
I met my husband through friends and had been through such a scary first marriage, that I dated him for 5 years before I married again. My husband restored my faith in love and men. We have 4 children and 7 grandchildren. So blessed! We love our blended family and our kids all love one another. Here’s to many many more years of joy for you and Mark!!
Julie L

Stacey Kowbel

Happy 25th to you and Mark! It is important to celebrate and share the happy things in our lives. And it is also important to share the bad, hard things to know you're not alone. While sometimes it seems like things will never get better, they always do. Keep hold of your faith and never forget that there are always good things to come!

That being said, my husband and I met through internet dating in the early days of dating sites. We went to a movie and dinner after. Like you and Mark, we spent hours talking to each other, about everything. We have been together for 13 years and will be celebrating 14 this year.


Wanda, Congratulations to you and Mark! Your love story is a beautiful one. Thank you for sharing it.

Anne Sturgeon

Happy 25!!! What a heartfelt story. You guys are amazing together. My husband and I have been married 32 years. We met in our 20's but circumstances had us marry others. Then 32 years ago we came together and married. We have three daughters collectively and have seven grandchildren and two great grandchildren. I consider us to be a fairytale, and I thank God everyday for us. Keep on keeping on. The bumps only make you stronger... God bless you both and here's to the next chapter in your amazing story....

Betty J

Dearest Wanda, thank you for sharing your self, your story, relationship with your husband and God. It has been uplifting and it is nice to get to know you a bit. I can relate to your story in so many ways. My husband of over 15 years is My favorite person in this world. We met at church and were just friends...and then he asked me out. I know God put us together. As life changes we both feel led down the same path. I am on my way home from the hospital today. 2 days ago I was told I had a perforated bowel which could have been life threatening. But I was given a miracle and although not really well, am able to go home today with my bowel intact. This fortified my faith in God and strengthens my relationship with my husband. Thank you for your faith provoking post. It reinforces my faith. Blessings to you through your trials and as you celebrate ypur love with your husband.


What a beautiful story Wanda! I love this. Congrats to you and Mark and enjoy your celebration!


Happy Anniversary! Loved reading your story and LOVE the idea of a 25 year secret hand shake! So cute, Wanda. A road trip sounds delightful!!

Jodi Kydd

This is so beautiful it made me tear up! Thanks for sharing this part of your life with us and congratulations to you and Mark!


Wanda! Congratulations!! What a great story! I remember the first time we met we were at Stampers Corner and you told me about Mark and how you’d been through ups and down rich and poor and yet you were always there for each other. Totally stuck with me. I hope you both have a wonderful year!
I met my husband when I was 20. We lived in the same dorm. I fell in love with voice. It was amazing. He’s kind and generous. Sweet to me and a good dad to our kids (both human and furry). We’ve been married almost 23 years and together 25. We met in 1993 too. August of 93. We married in August of 1995.


Hi Wanda, I enjoyed reading about your love story, you write beautifully. My hubs and I will celebrate 43 years in the fall. He is my best friend♥️. I always enjoy reading your blogs, thanks for sharing. Congrats to 25 years!

Nicole Elliott

Congrats to you and your hubby!! We celebrated 25 years last August! Nice to be married to your best friend isn't it?!


Hello Wanda! I loved reading more about you and your husband! I also loved your honesty and felt the love as I read.
I met my husband in college. We were both art majors and ended up in a class together. Right away I was wowed by his talent, plus he was very charming and funny. I was definitely smitten. So I pursued him which was not something I normally would have done! After our first day, I told me sister I knew I was going to marry him! Now we have been together for 15 years and have two sweet girls and I couldn’t feel more blessed! Hugs Wanda! Thanks for sharing and reminding me of my blessings!

Congrats on your jubilee!

Nancy Hassan

Wanda- Congratulations on 25 years. I love your story and your so right it is hard. I hit 23 years this year and not always the easy but worth it. My husband had a job that would take him out of the country for months at a time and it was hard but we worked together to make it work. I hope the generations behind
us slow down realize every day is a gift. Again Congrats!!!

Sarah Morgan

Hi Wanda

Congratulations to you and Mark. It is a huge milestone these days to be together 25 years. It is mine and my partners 25 year anniversary this December. I hadn't thought about celebrating it as we are not married but it seems such a good idea as it is such an achievements. Your post brought a tear to my eye. Thank you so much for your lovely posts and inspriation. Have a wonderful celebration of your 25 years together.

Suzy Carney

Congratulations on your silver jubilee ❤️ . I really enjoyed reading your love story. Wishing you and Mark many more happy, healthy years together.


Thank you! ...I wish I had your writing talent! There is too much to write, but I know you know how I feel. Your thoughtful and kind comments brought a tear to my eye. I fondly remember that first date...I was sooooo nervous. I am the blessed one! Always have been! I'd take a bullet for you and be waiting for you on the other side! WE are best friends and our love keeps getting deeper! I'd be lost without you! I'd do it all again! Our love grows deeper each day and always will! God is good! Let's do another 25!

I love you Wanda!


Fran Smith

Wanda, congratulations to you on your Jubilee. I loved your wonderful blog today. You are so right about life and marriage being very hard work. I feel so sorry for "kids" in this day and time. They don't know about life and holding on to things. It is the age of "now" and "instant" everything. You are so right without faith in God we would be lost. My husband and I celebrate 49 years this year. We met on a blind date and one month later we married. We say "The good, the bad and the ugly". Our lives are a mixed bag, laughter, tears and just regular. But we faced it all together. Life is a mix of everything. You don't know the bright days withoht a few dark ones to hightlight the bright days. God bless you and Mark on your wonderful life.

Teresa Doyle

Congratulations Wanda to you and Mark! In today's society that is a HUGE milestone.
We met through mutual friends and it was definitely not love at first sight. About a year later those same friends hooked us up again as they were planning a group party at a local lake. They had basically paired us together as a couple and as it turned out it was our first date. We continued dating for two yrs and became engaged. After two more yrs we got married. Fast forward to April, 2018 we celebrated our 39th Anniversary. We have a daughter and a son, (both happily married) and our daughter has 2 little boys. Next year we are planning a trip to Cuba for our 40th. Yes, Wanda, marriage can be hard however, I think life would be MUCH harder if we were single! We share many common interests and have always been "poor" but I feel that is what helps to keep us humble. Our "riches" come in the form of our relationship with each other and our
family and I wouldn't want it any other way!
(((HUGS & ♥ to you)))

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