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Someone tell me how to click these kinds of pics


pretty colors are looking very beautiful. Thanks for sharing these with us.

boca raton news

Did you say in here what these were cut with? Do you have one of those Cricut things?


looks very interesting, thank you very much


Thanks, This is the Great Color Mixing, I like all color very much.


Very Creative

Nice, So Cool Pics.

Montu rai

102 not out full movie download


very interesting, beautiful and creative


Wow! I do love the color, ooh that navy and the dies only look! I'm going to try this with PTI's Palm Prints!

Sheetal Sharma

Wow! What Lovely cards. These are the masterpieces of handwork designs. You can sell these beautiful cards at Amazon as many as you want and earn a lot.


beautifull picture, thanks




These cards are gorgeous! I am especially in love with the navy!!!

Rosa M. Vasquez

OOH! Neat techniques. I will try them out. Thank you

Mason Soiza

Wow!! Amazing work. I'm now a fan.

Go Keyboard 2018

Thank you so much for article...!

Deepack gupta

vibrant cards its looking awesome
thank u for sharing amazing things

Karen L K

Very nice cards! They all have such nice colors. I love the green leaves on the dark blue. Kind of unexpected but it looks great.

Deepack gupta

Lovely post and so happy to hear you.
thank u for sharing


Love the tropical colors and fun design elements on your cards.
Know what you mean about our wild weather—on Monday we had 3 hail storms and an inch of rain in 30 min. Tues and Wed we had strong winds with lots of pollen, today we had sun mid-80s. Everything is blooming like crazy!


Oh the colors are so vibrant and gorgeous!! Beautiful cards!!

Anne Sturgeon

Wonderful Wanda... These are so festive. I do like the technique to put down water first than add the colors. Which are so beautiful. Good luck with your plant. I have had my shamrock plant for about twenty-five years and it still keeps blooming pretty white flowers. Which is pretty good seeing that I do go away sometimes for a month at a time....

Vikki H

Wow! I do love the color, ooh that navy and the dies only look! I'm going to try this with PTI's Palm Prints!


Gorgeous, not gorgeously. Stupid autocorrect. :)


Gorgeously cards, Wanda. Thanks for the inspiration.

Julie L

ALL so pretty and the colors are inspirational! I love doing no stamp cards. Thank you for sharing!

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