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Lizzie T

I've loved watching you create on the PTI team - thanks for the inspiration you gave me! I love your new attitude - we can't have all your mojo wearing out! I look forward to seeing what amazing projects you will create this year! Have fun at Creativation - I am stalking all social media so I can get my fix for all those new products I'll have to have!

Vikki H

I'm excited for you, Wanda! with all the possibilities ahead and no deadlines. I'll continue to follow your blog and instagram feed enjoying your great sense of humor and talent! As we drove down I-5 this week to So Cal you came to mind in Sac town. Tomorrow my hubby and I will drive over to Phoenix to visit old friends and celebrate her 70th! I wish they shared paper crafting as a love so we could attend Creativation. Maybe another time
See you later and thanks for blessing the PTI team

Laurie Schmidlin

Oh Wanda, you are such an amazing person! Not only are you extremely talented, but you are so kind! Joy just bubbles out from you and spills over in to everything you do! I will absolutely miss you being on the PTI team but understand and respect you so much for living out your convictions! I'm so glad we were able to get to know each other more over this past year! HUGE hugs to you friend! I cannot wait to see what 2018 brings for you!

Diana K

I'll really miss your PTI posts, Wanda, but I won't miss you because I'm not going anywhere! Love your style, love your heartfelt posts, love that you share. Big hugs to you and have fun at the show.

maureen sala

ahhh, I would love to go to that show someday. Enjoy your trip, it should be wonderful without deadlines and working. Love that black card with the pink flowers - stunning.

Kathy Mc

Oh, Wanda, I’m so sad but thrilled for you. What a tough decision it must’ve been! Even though I didn’t always comment, I enjoyed your SSS Weekends with Wanda and of course, your fabulous PTI creations. I often wondered how so many of you not only create everyday, take photos, edit, write blogs, etc. just to keep your followers happy. When someone suggested I should sell my cards, my immediate response was, “I’m retired and don’t want the pressure. It will take the fun out of it.” Enjoy Creativation and relax! I’ll be keeping an eye on your blog for future posts. Hugs! ❤️


I will miss you being a part of the PTI DT since they are my favorite stamps and I love seeing what you create with them. I cannot wait to see where your journey takes you. I know it will be fabulous!


As you know, I first started following your blog years ago because I loved your unique style. It will be great to see you creating again for YOU and all of us who are inspired by your creations. Safe travels, my friend. Hope to see you soon!


So sorry to see you leave. I LOVE all your gorgeous creations and you will sorely missed. I know that it is hard because sometimes designing for teams can be hard, if you aren't feeling it. Thank you for all your inspiration!!

Anne Sturgeon

Loved your work for PTI. I'm sure the team feels the same, you will be missed. I am so jealous. I wish I could go to Phoenix. My hubs and I are going on our 1st cruise. I am so very excited... Love you and your work. Wish you tons of happiness in 2018.


Oh, I'm going to miss your PTI posts, they were my highlight of my day. Best of luck!!


Love reading your posts, good for you for listening to your inner your fav PTI projects, they're all gorgeous.

Looking forward to seeing you this weekend!

Lynn Put

Sometimes being on too many design teams and “having” to create can be stifling to your creativity so I get what you’re saying. On the other hand, I will miss you being on the Papertrey Ink design team and seeing all of your beautiful cards in their line up when they post. You’re super talented and whatever you do you’ll succeed. Closing the door on one thing opens up another for something new. I’m looking forward to seeing your post while you’re at CHA/Creativation this year. I’m super jealous, I would love to go especially since so many people like yourself are going to be there. Enjoy!

Julie L

Wanda, change is hard so I admire your plans! God Bless you as you pursue other creative avenues this year! How exciting!!
I know PTI wil miss you!
Have fun at the show- so nice you can just be an attendee! Good for you! You deserve a break! Julie L


I am so glad and excited! I am looking forward to seeing what your amazing crafty brain will make! Your work is inspiring to many and will even be better as it will be truly a Wanda creation. You are an artist, take this opportunity to shine and know I will always support you! I love you!

Teresa Doyle

Congratulations Wanda for stepping back and reviewing what is best for YOU! We all need to do this. Sometimes we stretch ourselves too thin only to find ourselves not happy in the process. I was just talking to someone yesterday about this very subject, we both agreed that we (as women, especially) always put ourselves at the bottom of the list. We need to prioritize. I am glad you did. Enjoy Creativation and 2018 Wanda, you deserve it!

Mandy Chandler

Wanda, My best wishes to you on your new 2018 journey. I've often wondered how stressful it must be "having" to muster up mojo to meet a deadline design team post or show the world you think creativity every minute of the day. I imagine it would take some of the fun out of it. People have often told me I should sell or go into business with what I craft whether it be cards, scrapbooking, sewing etc. My response has always been then it wouldn't be fun anymore. I know you have felt honored and grateful that you were recognized for your talent over the years. Your talent has been obvious. You will find the peace within yourself to make your next move and decision. Having more time to relax and enjoy many things in life is the greatest gift of all. So dear friend, sit back and enjoy . God Bless and I look forward to continue following you. You are a gift to all of us. Be a gift to yourself as well. Your Cape Cod Friend, Mandy

Susi Kelly

Have always enjoyed all of your beautiful posts - including the PTI projects, Wanda. Sorry to hear you won't be on the PTI DT going forward. However, I'm sure we'll see PLENTY of gorgeous posts, where you inspire our creativity, in the future.
Enjoy the Creativation Show (I'm green with envy!).

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