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Jessica Kerr

Oh those cute little citruses made me smile today. Thanks for sharing!

melanie huttner

I love lemon anything, those are sooo cute!!!


It’s posts like this that inspire my creations. What a non traditional design!

Genevieve Speegle

I’m inspired by puns. Can’t pass up a good one (much to the eye rolls from my hubby). :)

Terry Mays

Love the lemons! I am going to search my stash and see if I don’t have any stamps like yours.


You have me searching through my stamps for lemons, LOL. How’s that for inspiration. May settle for a “punny” card instead!


Love those lemon cuties. Also love those prizes. I’m off to make some lemon water!

Janet Ingraham

Definitely the most different reason to make a few cards and what it inspired was a rather gloomy few weeks of weather years ago. I knew several people I thought needed some "warm fuzzies." Normally these are nice thoughts said aloud but I decided to make some of these critters out of pipe cleaners, wild colored craft fur, and google eyes. Made up a poem about how to get the most out of your own enclosed "fuzzy" and pass it on. Actually had a couple of requests to make some for others friends. It was good and hilarious.

Diane Oliver

Wanda this card is absolutely adorable!
Love the idea of totally DIFFERENT Valentine! In YELLOW?... Get out! However you sure made this work !!!! Love it!

I spent time with an old friend last year and we spent many hours in her Adirondack chairs chatting away... So when I made her Thank You card ...and included the die cut Adirondack chair on the front. So cute. Hugs

Susan Vile

Hi Wanda, funny you should ask that question. I just copied an idea from Martha Stewart's Living Magazine on a beautiful fold for a paper heart. It looked so simple but was a challenge. But it was worth the time and I made some up for valentine day cards.
We have to get out of our ruts as often as possible! Have fun this week!


Oh my goodness those lemons are too cute! I have
had a few occasions where my cat Mimi has done something so ridiculous that she inspired me to whip out Crazy Cats and make a card :)


Hi Wanda,love your card and your story, such a fun happy card, and my daughter is aspiring to be a photographer, so you comment about photographers do that made me smile. I found an album of pictures that she took when she was about at her grandparents house of items around the house and reminded me of her. She is away at her first year of college now. So think this story inspires me to go make a card to send to her. Hope you are enjoying Creativation, it would be a dream to attend that!

Bonnie T.

This is the cutest little lemon card ever! It's so bright and cheery. I am often inspired by color combinations in fabric or outfits I see when shopping. Sometimes I think to myself, that would make a great card and I even take a picture of the fabric or clothing item so I'll remember the color combo when I get back to my craft room.

Paulette Still

Hi Wanda!! If I were standing next to you right now, I’d give you a Love Pinch to make sure you’re awake. I’m so happy You are following your dreams and I know you are having a ball at Creativation! I love your lemon card. I have the Avacodo set and so far have just made pears with it. LOL. I am inspired by so many things. There is art all around us in the landscape every day. I love to make scenes on cards and I received an add from Bass Pro once with the focus of the photo on a deer in a field. I loved the blurred horizon lines. There was a green grass horizon, a wheat colored horizon line and a blue sky horizon line. I duplicated them with a deer die on a guy card. Thanks for all you share! Xo

Lori B

These are just adorable! I don't know that I have a specific story of a strange or odd reason to send a card. But your example reminded me of a period several years back where I gave a face to ALL my cards somehow no matter what the occasion. It was my anthropomorphic phase without doubt! The hearts on my valentines were given faces. Carrots on Easter cards - faces. Stars on Christmas cards - faces. Birthday balloons - faces. You get my drift. Needless to say, I used a LOT of Peachy Keen stamps that year.

Marie Siler

My friend and next door neighbor called me to tell me she had raccoons in her back yard hanging out by her tree.
I couldn't wait to give her a raccoon card, which I did make for her. She laughed and laughed about it.
The stamp set was from Art Impressions called "got any cake" and was just perfect with a bunch of raccoons peeking around something asking "got any cake?".

Michele Smith

Oh shoot - I forgot to tell you the story of weird inspiration. As I was laying in the dentist chair trying to forget why I was there.... I was blinded by this big round light which appeared to have a million tiny lightbulbs in. I continued to think of shaker cards and glitter just to get me through that 30 minutes of torture LOL! All is well and the shaker cards turned out beautiful!

Michele Smith

Ohhhhh I love those sweet lemons! The extra shading and hearts really brings this one to life!! As a photographer in training, I can appreciate the composition of your photos ~ very nice! Made me thirsty LOL And what a sweet widdle kitty!! Hope you're having a blast in Phoenix!

Brenda Price

I love citrus stamps, dies and cards! Yours is adorable! My parents live in Yuma AZ so I'm always looking for fun stamps & dies that are happy and fun to let them know I miss them. These are perfect!

Patt H.

I love those adorable lemons! What a cute & unexpected Valentine's! I just sent a friend that's having a cardmaking slump a card with a ladies huge backside, saying " Get off your rump & send me a card". She has one in the mail, she says. Live your cards, Wanda! So inspiring!

Sherri in Phoenix

If I'd known you were going to Shake Shack, I would have come and joined you to meet you! It is one of our favoriite restaurants. Did you go to Uptown Plaza? There are 3 within reach of us but didn't know there was one downtown by the convention. Enjoy your stay, although no sunshine today. :-(
Sherri in Phoenix

Victoria Banaszak

OMG!!!! That card is absolutely the cutest thing ever!

Iris Soscia

Your lemony card is just the cutest thing ever. Years ago, my brother in law was having shoulder surgery so I made a humorous card with a guy in a hospital gown running down the hall trying to escape. It said something like you can run but you cannot hide from your surgeon. He liked it so much that he showed it to the doctor who liked it so much that my brother in law gave him the card so I had to make another one.

Wendy Fisher

Your card is so cute!!! I love lemons!

I got a Hero Art's set free from a friend of a friend. I am making her a thank you card with the stamp and die set she gave me. Was just so sweet. We have not even met yet.


After a trip to the zoo, my granddaughter kept acting like a monkey and pretending to be eating bananas. So I made a shaker card with bananas as the shaker bits and a monkey. Thanks for continuing to inspire us. Have fun at Creativation.

Denise Bryant

Super cute card with the lemons! So pretty with the layering and gingham paper!
Story about a card I created.... my daughter's dog turned 5 on New Year's Day and I made a fun card for her!
Buddy will be happy when you get back home!

Anne Sturgeon

One doesn't usually think of lemons as sweet... These are TOO sweet. Love those goggle eyes. Love the shading also. I love Debi Adams stuff. Recently bought some cactus done by her. My latest fun card was for my brother-in-law. They recently retired and were moving to Florida. Sold all his garage stuff and was tool-less!!! So for his birthday card I made a tool bench and told him there were no excuses, he had all the tools to build a perfect birthday..... I am so jealous, you're in Phoenix. I ask Jennifer McGuire to say hi to you. Hope you get the message...

Vicky Blackwell

Your card is adorable and I really must make one like it! I have this lemon set but haven't used it yet. Your CARDS are definitely inspiration for me. I love your blog and projects you share. Thanks for the chance to win this awesome prize package. I really love olives and that set is just so stinkin' cute!!!! Have fun at Creativation.

Sally Keagle

So fun, happy and CUTE! I love watching the squirrels in my backyard eat, frolic and chase each other. So I HAD to find my squirrel stamp and make a card and send to my son, who is away at college. Wish I was at Creativation with all of you!

Lydia Lee

Your fun/crazy/cool style of cardmaking inspires me the most! You have a clean, creative, fun look to your creations and I love it! Thanks so much for the inspiration and giveaways! Xoxos!


I drew and cut small (leg) bones, and used teeny tiny metal screws to attach the bones together, as a very special Thank You card for an orthopedic surgeon. He loved it! Your sweet lemons are so fresh & fun!

Geneva Null

Love all things lemon. Great color on the lemons.


Oh WAnda!! I hope you are having a fabulous time at Creativation!!! I so wish I could go one day.

I LOVE your card. The bright colors make me so happy. I want these dies now too. Think I might have to purchase them!!! Thank you for all your inspiration!!

Verna Angerhofer

That is the cutest card. I just love those lemons.


Love your card and the lemon photos. I’ve sometimes found inspiration from old graphic posters (color, fonts, design). And from blogs, of course!

Rosa M. Vasquez

Love the card AND the photos!

Nancy hassan

Love this so happy!! A napkin was one thing that inspired me it was so colorful.nade a great card too!!

Shawn Wenrich

I’ve made two crazy cards that we’re so not my style for a dear friend that loves super hero’s and has a pug. He loved them both! Wanda I’m so sad that you’ve left the PTI team I loved all of your creations and it’s also one of my fav companies for many years now but I understand your decision. I hope to still see a lot from you this year! I hope you enjoy Phoenix it’s my hometown so I’m a little proud. I actually live in Peoria AZ but work in Phoenix and I worked downtown for a few years as well. Hope you have a great weekend here!

Janet Durbin

I was asked to make a series of birthday cards for a Swiss culture and heritage club. Let me tell you it is a challenge to come up with 25 cards that featured Swiss scenery and birthday messages and they couldn't be gender specific. lol

Kim Heggins

Simply adorable card...just love those sweet lemons! Story to make me create a card....cold rainy day and feeling grateful for my sweet friends gives me inspiration to make and send them cards that I am thinking of them.

Sue D

Cute card with the googly eyes and the gingham background. I usually get inspired by something I see online. Like right now I have the sudden urge to make a card with lemons.

Linda E

Love your card and photo, Wanda! When I first started stamping I had very limited supplies. I wanted to stamp the money cards I was giving for Christmas so I decided to use the bird stamp in my collection, fussy cut it because there was no such thing as does and perch it on a rolled up $20 bill. I posted the card on Flickr and was featured on the Hero Arts blog. I even won a $50 shopping spree to the HA site! It was a thrill!

Lynn Gauthier

So glad you get to go to CHA!!
LOVE your kitty. I have 2 adopted black cats named Boris and Natasha. They have stolen my Heart too! Your little Guy is adorable.
Love your card. So Sweet!!!

Liz mca

So jealous you will be at creativation. Seems like it would be a total blast! The best inspiration I have is a stamp that looks just like m6 dog. I love makin* cards with her on it.

Sarah Biswabic

Wanda, I love your lemon card! So cute and funny.😊 I get inspired by a lot of things such as beautiful images, funny images,colors, etc. Your pictures are wonderful!😊

Susi Kelly

Oh, forgot to add my "crazy card" story. As a cardmaker, I've been asked to create many custom cards, but one in particular stands out as someone asked me to put together a "special" Christmas card to a good friend of hers. Let's just say that, the "sentiment" she wanted on the front of her card wasn't available ANYWHERE in the crafting world LOL (had to custom print it from my computer).

Susi Kelly

Mmmm ... I love EVERYTHING lemon, including your fabulous card! That shading, and those googly eyes, make them irresistible.

Holly Saveur

Super sweet and fun card!
Have much fun at the CHA!!

Arianna Barbara

Oh wow! Love these colors and your card is adorable!!! I'm Sicilian and I love sicilian lemons. They're so tasty and scented!
By the way, I hope to be the lucky winner because Two Pease in a Pod stamps would be perfect for me. In fact, last year I wanted to make a funny card for my best friend. Everyone who knows us, says we're the same! Googling, I found this awesome, fun and perfect English sentiment. It was perfect to describe us! So, I started to draw pease and pod by hand. It was so hard because I'm not good to draw. But she loved my card. For her birthday, this year, I would love so much to make two t-shirts, one for her and one for me with this design! Fingers crossed!
Enjoy CHA! I'll follow your adventures on your stories!

Teresa Doyle

Hey Wanda, I hope you are having a great time at Creativation. Your card is adorable, especially on the yellow gingham, the lemons really stand out.
Last spring when my little grandsons were here for a visit (and we finally had a warm day) we decided to go outside and blow bubbles. While filling the air with so many beautiful bubbles, I wondered if I could replicate them on a card. So when we went in we had some crafty time so I could try. I just made a little outdoor scene and filled the sky section with circles of varying sizes, added a little clear Spectrum Noir and Glossy Accents and they came out pretty cute. Even the boys said, "Nanny you made bubbles"! SO much fun.

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