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Hi Wanda, Happy belated birthday, I am behind on my blogs as I have been traveling. Thanks for the great post, I love the cloche and your pictures are fabulous!


Thanks for sharing your birthday photos, so pretty! Love the doors!! Happy day!


Sorry I'm late, Happy Birthday! Beautiful photos, what a lovely way to spend the day.

renee milner

Happy belated birthday! I really enjoyed all of your lovely photos.


Hey lovely lady — Happy Birthday. Looks like a wonderful day. My birthday is today. I spent the weekend with 8 crafty girls at our annual retreat at a house in Livermore. Just perfect.

Rosa M. Vasquez

Your photos are beautiful, as always. We've been to the Empire Mine a few times, but not in November/December. We'll have to try it.
Happy birthday to one of my favorite bloggers! You always create lovely things!

Lizzie T

Happy Birthday Wanda! Your terrarium is super cite!!! I have been wanting to make one for a while - I love the cloche - gotta find one of those!

kim f

Happy Birthday! It looks like you really embraced your day, which is awesome. I love your terrarium and the pictures you took are just amazing. Glad you had a great birthday and my wish for you is that you have an amazing year as well.

Patt H.

Happy Birthday, Wanda! Love your terrarium & your photos are awesome. What a gorgeous place! The pic of the building with green doors & those beautiful flowers is stunning! Love them all.


Happiest of birthdays to you! I love the terrarium although I'm not even very good at keeping those alive! Very pretty though. And I just love all the photos of the beautiful park. Really. I love them. Thank you for that gift of them!!


Karen L K

Happy Birthday to you Wanda!Thanks for sharing your adventure at the state park and the great photos. I am in Dublin, CA and it would take us about 2 hours 40 minutes to get there. Sometime when I am in that area I want to check it out. That terrarium is so nice!


Happy Birthday again my sweet friend! Such a cute terrarium, I love the colors, shape and the cloche top. Omg the entrance to the mine park is beautiful, loooove those huge rusty urns. The cottage is amazing, I’d love to make it my primary residence, lol. Your pics are gorgeous as always, I can’t get over the size of that leaf! Definitely one of the places I’d want you to take me, I love seeing old historical things. Well I’m sure you were spoiled by Mark. Hope the rest of your weekend is wonderful and the start to a fabulous year a head, you deserve it. 😘😘😘

Stacey Kowbel

Happy birthday Wanda! I love your terrarium and the photos are gorgeous!


Happy Birthday Wanda! Love the pictures!!

Marie Siler

I really enjoy seeing posts about the places where our crafty friends live. It's like I've traveled there when I see the pics. Such beautiful pics, each and every one of them. Thanks for sharing this.

Teresa C

Wonderful post, Wanda!! Happy Birthday wishes to you!! Here's to a terrific new year with just enough adventure and excitement!!
Your photos are enchanting. Love the back courtyard with the blue doors, the stone, the brick and the flowers!!


Feliz Cumpleaños Wanda! I wish you the very very best, a new year, full of love, health, abundance, inspiration and moments to cherish.
Hugs and kisses! Love you girl!

Alison Bennett

Happy Birthday! Love your terrarium- so cheerful ! You take gorgeous pictures. Thanks for sharing !

Patti Willey

Beautiful Birthday Wishes Wanda! What a lovely day you had including creating this precious live Tererrium! I just love plants, and dirt and greenery! Love your beautiful glass cloche what a treasure! The drive to the park did not disappoint! You found some gems to photo and experience in the park as well! I just love the texture and colors in the Cottage you visited. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your Birthday Weekend!


Have a very "happy birthday". Love the beautiful pics!


Happy Birthday, Wanda.
You are looking great. I sometimes look in the mirror and think the not inexpensive moisturiser I use is failing to deliver! Then I smile and think about what really matters.
It is great fun trying a new crafty project, isn't it.? I went on a lampshade making course last night and am thrilled with my new shade.....of course I need a new base now.

Holly Saveur

Gorgeous photo's what an amazing place to visit!!
must have made it extra special to be there without others walking around...
So happy to hear you had a great B-day with may cards and friends!!
Hugs Holly.


Happy Birthday, Wanda! Thx for sharing your day out. I almost enjoyed as much as you!


Sent a text earlier but just had to comment on your lovely birthday photo (in a vest, no less!). Hope your day was grand 😊🎂

Jeanette in Illinois

Happy Birthday!!! I hope you had the most wonderful day and continue the celebrations!! I celebrate as long as anyone wants to, this year was the whole month of September and my birthday is on the first! 😂🎉👏🏻👍🏻
I'd love the make the terrarium...if we only lived closer.
Kick up those heels and celebrate fabulous YOU!!


Happy Birthday to YOU!
Love the terrarium and all the awesome photos!

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