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Donna Gourley

Wanda, I appreciated getting to know you better through this post. Congratulations on your 2 year anniversary and all the positive changes that go along with it. I also appreciate hearing the negatives as well as the positives of this change. Sometimes I think we tend to think that creative professionals have the dream job without thinking too much about the "down sides" of which there are usually some in any job. Your honesty may just snap some of back to reality (especially on day's that may not be going so great at work). Enjoy! Look forward to your latest projects.

Sue in Grapevine

Great testimony of God's faithfulness.

Rosa M. Vasquez

Happy Anniversary ! Keep creating. You inspire us!


Wow, great post, Wanda. Love to hear how others have taken the "leap of faith". Congratulations and thanks for being here and sharing your gifts.


Congrats & Happy Anniversary, Wanda! I always enjoy reading your blog. Thank you for sharing your personal journey with all of us. What a blessing it is to know that you're living in the will of God. There's no greater & satisfying feeling in all the world.
Hugs & Blessings,


Congratulations Wanda! Thousand miles to go before you sleep, best wishes from me :-)


Thank you for sharing your wonderful post, Wanda! Congrats on your two year anniversary! Being at peace and serving the Lord is so more important than the weekly paycheck. I know some aren't able to do it, but one must do what is the best for them. I know, too, after quitting my job two and a half years ago that I'm happier and healthier. Continued peace and blessings to you, Wanda! Take care, hugs!

Betty Sue

Happy Day! Good for you!


How quickly these 2 years have gone by - seems like just a while back I read about your new adventure in life, and oh my, where your decision has taken you, Wanda! Thankfully, it has allowed us to continue seeing all your amazing creations (and more of them). Congrats on this milestone and may you have many more!


Awesome blog post. Congratulations on your Anniversay 😘

Kim Heggins

Congratulations on your anniversary...here's to another year of amazing creativity and inspiration!

Julie L

Wanda, thank you again for being so open about your life!! It is so encouraging and you never know who needs that inspiration and blessing you so freely share. May God continue to bless your work !! Your GA fan, Julie L

Anne Sturgeon

Happy Anniversary Wanda. What a positive an heartfelt post. I love your courage and so appreciate your talents. Wishes for many more years of this new found freedom. Wednesday is my wedding anniversary. Proud to say 31 years with my true love. Hopefully lots more to come. Have a great week!


Happy Anniversary! It is hard to step out in faith, and I am glad that you had the opportunity to do so. God has blessed you with the gift of time and you have used it well!

Teresa Doyle

Congratulations Wanda on your Anniversary! I could not be happier for you! There is something to be said for a slower paced life and minimal income... I know b/c I was a SAHM and I had a little flack from a few who treated me as though I was "less than" because I didn't have a "career"! It was a choice my husband and I made for the sake of our family and I have never regretted it. You have no idea how many times my children have said how glad they were that I was always here when they got home from school. Some things money can't buy! Yes, there were "lean times" (money wise) but we were rich in so many other ways! I can feel that in you now, in your post! So happy for you!

June K

Congratulations on your anniversary. It's wonderful you are enjoying your life without the corporate world. I agree. It's a different life not being in the corporate world. There is so much more to life than that paycheck.


Happy Anniversary, Wanda! I'm so glad you took the leap and made the decision to become a full time blogger, creator, and photographer-especially since you share much of it with all of us!
Cheers to many more years of creativity!


Thank you for your testimony of faith. I'm sure God will continue to bless because you are giving Him the honor and glory by sharing His wonderful work in you. Blessings!

V Singh

A beautiful testimony of His faith!
I LOVE your work, you are definitely using your gifts and sharing with us.
Thank you Sister in Christ!

Holly Saveur

Happy Anniversary my dear Friend!!
SO well said..
you have been given the gift of time...such a precious gift..
Such a sweet blog post too!!!
I am Grateful too..that it has brought you many good things..sad about the bad part and hurt it has given you...but Life is about good and bad .....
Love you!


Very well written!! Happy Anniversary! I'm sure that was pretty scary! One thing I like about being my own boss is my life is truly my own! I literally make my own schedule - now that means working 7 days a week most weeks. But it's what works for me!

donna mikasa

Happy Anniversary, Wanda! I remember when you took that giant step--hard to believe two years have passed! Here's to many more years of a happy, crafty life! Amen!


Congratulations! I always enjoy reading you blog and your beautiful creations.


Happy Anniversary! Thank you for sharing your journey and a special glimpse into what makes you, a wonderful YOU.

Marian W

I'm happy for you. Wishing you more good on your journey.

Sharon W.

Happy anniversary Wanda! Thanks for sharing. It is encouraging to those of us that have not yet taken that leap of faith in our lives. I pray you will have many more years in your journey, with more ups than downs! God bless you!

Natalie Winterstein

LOVE! Wanda, you are such an inspiration! I recently took a big leap of faith and did something that scared me and there is NOTHING better than trusting our Lord! It strengths our faith and relationship with the Lord. My life is also far from perfect but His peace is worth the struggles.


Congratulations! Your courage and honesty and authenticity are inspiring (as is your creativity)! Thank you for all you do.


Happy Second Anniversary, dear Wanda!! I love your authenticity as you follow your creative path. Celebrating all of the new ways you have grown... with much admiration!💕

Audrey pettit

What a great day! Congratulations and happy anniversary, my sweet friend! Wishing you many, many creative adventures to come! Love you!

Chris Cowan

Congrats and Happy Anniversary! I love how you inspire others and share the real you.

Diana K

Wow! So significant! Love how aware you are and how much you appreciate the changes in your life. Happy for you, Wanda.

Teresa C

Congratulations Wanda and happy anniversary!!
All best wishes to you as you continue your journey.
I enjoy your art work so much and especially appreciate your courage.

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