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Brandi O

Hello. I'm so sorry you've been down. I just wanted to take a minute to let you know that I went through so much anxiety and depression when I went through menopause. My doctor kept wanting to put me on hormones for a couple of (long)years and I would refuse. One day when I couldn't take it anymore, I asked for the lowest dose possible. Wow, what a difference that made! I am off of them now, but I feel like it literally saved me from going crazy. So what I'm trying to say is, if you end up feeling like you need it, don't hesitate. It's not forever and it changes the quality of life.

By the way, love the pic of you and the husband together, and I woulda never seen the butt had you not pointed it out. Lol!

Paulette Still

Fun stuff, Wanda! Love the ombré look. Glad they have come out with some pads. ;). Love this pic of you guys. I didn't even see the other thing until I read your post. LOL.


I LOVE the bright colors you used on this card. They are PERFECT for the images that you used. Great, great design!!


So happy that this wonderful community was able to lift you up! I hope you ride this wave of happiness for a long time! You deserve it! Big Hugs! Sandy


Happy to hear you are feeling better Wanda! Peri menopause can take a toll on a person. My thyroid affected my sleep and hormones this past year before going on medication for it, but feeling better! Anyways, your card is so lovely in color with the ombré inks and sweet pineapples! I have come so close in buying the ombré inks. You have certainly inspired me to do so! Take good care and have a great week!,

Celeste Goff

Beautiful and summery card Wanda and I love the pic of you and your hubby!

Julie L

Such a darling card!! As always love your use of color!! Hoping this week is a good one! You cannot go on without restful sleep - free "nurse" advice-- talk to your Gyn about it. There are lots of good options to help you through this time!! I too have been there and it's not always easy but with a good plan you can overcome the symptoms!! Julie L ( GA)

Anne Sturgeon

Amazing card. Love the bright colors and the sentiment. You should look at this photo every day. You're an amazing gal and are sharing an amazing life with this wonderful man who loves and supports you no matter what life throws your way. Keep up the spirit, you can do it!

Verna Angerhofer

What a wonderful card design. That looks as delicious as the cooling beverage you and your hubby are having. And, you both look great too. I am glad you are feeling more chipper now. Take care.

donna mikasa

I'm right there with you and the pineapple love! And look at you two--you look like kama'aina! (Local folks!)

Becca Yahrling

Hi Wanda! I'm so happy that you received an outpouring of love yesterday. I wanted to write after reading your post, but I had to go to work. And after reading the start of today's post, I totally get it. I've been fortunate to not have too bad of symptoms (thank you Mom - she didn't either!), but there were a couple of times I was just browsing the net for cards & such, when all of a sudden I burst into tears! For no reason! What an awful feeling it was. But, like most everything, you get over it and life goes on. Same with the sleeplessness. And the night sweats. Anywho - here's a virtual hug!! :-) Loving the neon colors in your pretty card!

Cheryl L.

When I read you had trouble sleeping, it made me want to share what I do. I take 2 valerian root (quiets the mind) and a melatonin at night. I also brew a hot tea concoction that includes 3 different sleepytime tea bags. Celestial Seasonings has a few different "flavors", and there are other brands, too. I also add some sweetener. I've been thru peri-menopause, and I totally get what you're going thru. Hang in there!

Teresa Doyle

A bright and happy card Wanda.
I am glad you reached out and now feel better. We ALL experience these things and sometime retreat but the best thing to do is share it with people (or just one person) who we know will understand. It helps just to say the words. And PLEASE, don't get me started on menopause! LOL That stage of my life was pure HELL, excuse my French!

Holly Saveur

SUCH a COOL card..love it!!
SO happy you feel much better and that so many shared their stories and gave you love!
I think the pre-menopause has much to do with all the emotions being a roller coaster..and feeling very low.....it sure is here!
Not being able to sleep well wears you out compleet...will be so good when you are able to sleep better again...
LOVE the photo of you two in Hawaii..so sweet..actually didn't notice the butt of that man..only after you told me...funny!
sending MUCH LOVE...
and HUGS


Always love your colorful cards and blog posts. Hang in there!


Love the photo and your card! I think I have similar supplies to create something with the same tropical vibe. Thanks, as always, for the inspiration!

Lisa - papergrace

Wanda, this is such a beautiful and bright, happy card!! Love that big, bold and NEON Pineapple that I know you love so much. Whenever I see a Pineapple I automatically think of you. :)

Love that photo of you and Mark. You two always look so in l♥ve. Happy Anniversary weekend.

Christy Q

Wanda, I love this card! I saw it over on IG and immediately came over to your blog to read more about it. The colors are so tropical and perfect. The ombre inks are fantastic - I'm adding them to my wish list now. :) Thanks for the tips on achieving the graduated look using the ombre inks. I feel like running off to my craft room to make my own pineapple inspired card but dinner prepared by my awesome husband comes first.

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