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Tammy B

So sorry to see you leave the SSS blog, but I will continue to follow yours. I really like your style and your creativity! I have donated a lot of my craft supplies that I no longer use or want, but I can't part with my stamps that way. Maybe it's how much they cost that holds me back! 💲💲💲😬


I will miss your SSS Weekender With Wanda but am so excited you have joined PTI. I love your goal of one bag a week! I am in desperate need of decluttering so I am going to give it a try. I have my first bag ready to go :)


Will miss your Weekender column and know many orhers will, too. As a longtime blog follower, I have been inspired by your wonderful ideas and design genius.
Moving this summer required donating many truckloads of household items to the Salvation Army and other charities. I sold some craft supplies and donated supplies to the local Montessori school for their after school program. I haven't missed anything (still enough supplies to open a store), but my new craft room is organized, which helps me feel more creative.
I wish you well in your new creative pursuits and appreciate all you share with us.


Love this beautiful card - I have a long list of RC that I'd love to swoop into a shopping cart! LOL! Thinking about you today with happy thoughts of a wonderful new year stretched before us! Hugs!

Teresa Doyle

Oh Wanda,I am so sad to see you leave SSS and I will miss "Weekender with Wanda". I don't follow Papertrey Ink anymore as I find their blog hard to navigate/follow. Call me "old" but I can't understand it! LOL I DO however follow you on Pinterest and IG (although I don't check IG daily as I can't navigate there well as yet either!)
I look forward to seeing your work whenever/wherever possible!

Anne Sturgeon

Weekend with Wanda was how I found you... I will miss your creativity at SSS. I will have to learn to fly to another venue to follow you. I wish you all the best dear friend, I do so admire your work. These past few weeks have been full of changes for me.

Princess Judy

As time moves on things change. Sad to hear of your split with SSS but I know it is so you can move on to bigger and better things.

As for parting with things from my craft room--I can totally do it. It was hard at first but I noticed that it was very, very rare that I missed something I parted with. Plus having the extra room (no matter how small) made me feel freer. I have very little crafting time and I'd rather not spend it weeding through piles of mediocre stuff. I want to be able to reach out and grab the best of the best and get to work asap.

I will say though that I sell my stuff for a token amount rather than give it away free. It truly bothers me to see someone gather up the whole pile and take off with it just because it was free. That tells me they aren't going to give my stuff a good loving home, but would just warehouse it. Is that funny?

I'd have no problem donating to a charity or art program if I had a contact for it. I have no time or patience to track that stuff down (and apparently no one else does here as they always ask me).

Lori Ellen

Wonderful inspiration! Love your card! Butterflies are my favorite!

Vicki Finger

One thing that helps me let go of some of my older stamps is donating to an art department. Most schools have had that cut from their budgets or if they have that department, they have nothing to go with it. I donated a ton of stuff to a Christian Middle and High School where they had the teachers, but nothing left in the budget to buy supplies with. So you might want to check with some art teachers.

Holly Saveur

Great card...sad Weekender with Wanda stopped!

Wanda I find it very hard to take things out of my stamp room..and part with them...but I am really almost in overload...so need to think three times before I buy things....there just isn't more space...
So good you are able to do a bag a week...clearing out...I have my moods in that...periods when I really clean out wardrobes..and such..
and it does make you feel lighter..I think we all have way to much stuff we hold on...I have clothes which I haven't worn for ages!!
Hugs Holly

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