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Hi Wanda, I guess I'm not the only one thinking about all the craziness in the world right now. My son is thirteen and I'm sad and scared for him and the younger generation. Just the other day I said to a former classmate on FB that we didn't have these worries. All we worried about was getting good grades, getting home on time for curfew and how many more days till summer. My sons worries are not so simple, they're scary. I truly wish he grew up in the 80's and 90's like us. Well enough doom and gloom for today. Duran Duran was my fav starting in 8th and all through high school, John Taylor, love them! As for neon, well Madonna made neon cool, oh heck she made everything cool back then. I love your neon pineapple, I have to get me some of them ombre ink pads they're soo pretty. Thanks for sharing and always inspiring me!


I love this card!!! It makes me happy looking at it!! That alpha stamp set is on my list but it's not out until Dec.

Anne Sturgeon

Pineapple set is really lovely Wanda. I do like the hombre stamp pads. Thanks for letting me know you enjoy my comments, because I do truly enjoy your work!

Tee Hall

I love your post toady Wanda. Gorgeous neon!

Connie Brooks

I had an X-Husband way back in 1965 and I called the Jerk....mayonnaise face. Oh not to be real mean, but, because he would not let me buy it at the grocery store. (Nor onions). I like mayonnaise....a lot! I have a better hubby and all the mayo and onions I want.
PS: your sweet card is bright and makes me happy too. Gonna try the neon colors.

Celeste Goff

Such a bright and happy card Wanda!

Patti Willey

Great pineapple! Love the neon pads sooo cool! Thanks for praying for friends near and far the world needs our prayers!

Holly Saveur

Great blog post!
Love your kind and sweet words..WE all NEED LOVE so badly at the moment with all these evil things going on....
I never had clothes in neon colors..I was more into the pastels....well still am I think...
Hugs Holly.


Love the neon Wanda! Thanks for sharing a bit of crafty joy today :)


Love your message today. We need some crafty fun to keep us sane in these sad, hate-filled times.

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