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michelle sullivan

Beautiful! Hope you feel better soon. :)

Tee Hall

Elegant & beautiful card! And take care! Hugs.

Princess Judy

Love those boldly colored butterflies. I hope your back gets better real soon. I hate having to take it easy myself. I'm so not good at it.


Wanda, you are amazing! I love this card! Please take care of yourself, I have a fractured sacrum on both sides due to radiation on a cancerous tumor so I know how you must feel. Xoxo

Linda S.

Your card is just beautiful and I really like the composition. Thanks for sharing, I hope your back is better soon.

Celeste Goff

I'm sorry to hear about your back Wanda...heal quickly! I love your beautiful card!

Carolyn ellison

Love this card simple,but elegant.What gingham paper did you use?
Love the tiny play print.
Thanks for sharing.


Hope the cooler air reaches us tomorrow. Sorry your back is out. I've been trying to protect my low back with all this moving/unpacking. Missing our hot tub at the old place. I agree with Holly: most gel pens don't work for me.
Your card is lovely. Hope you can get a massage or something for your back. 🌞🎉🍹

Holly Saveur

Oh my Wanda so sorry to hear this....especially since I know how it feels...I am on the same is so frustrating!
SO hope you feel better soon!
Did you make a wrong move...that you go the pain?
so hope you will be able to go and see the Fireworks!!!
Very lovely card.....i am always in trouble with the white pen too...and mostly they don't matter how much I try to get them started on my skin...I think they don't like me!
HUGS Holly.

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