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Hi Wanda, great card! Looks almost yummy enough to eat. Who doesn't love pink icing, lol. Love all the details too. Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

Holly Saveur

Gorgeous cake..and indeed super cute candles..
Happy weekend my friend!

Linda S.

Such a bright and cheerful card. I'm waiting on parts so my broken washing machine can be repaired. ;-)

Teresa Doyle

A very pretty card Wanda. It does look good enough to eat.
My MIL always said things seem to happen in "three's" so you may still have another appliance on its last legs! LOL Four years ago my daughter had our 1st grandchild (Dec. 29th) and came here for a week to be near the hospital and to have a little help. The week before Christmas my fridge & dishwasher went and while she & baby were here the washer, of ALL things died! I HAD to send my husband to find a washer ALL BY HIMSELF! EEK!

Anne Sturgeon

Love this birthday cake. I think that kit is packed full of goodies. Didn't know about your back, but sure glad it is better. The vellum worked out really nicely. Thanks for sharing and have a good weekend.


Adorable!! You always think of the right layout and colors! Julie L


Love your yummy cake card!

Christy Q

Best of wishes with the cable company!!! I leave those things to my husband - especially when it comes to dealing with them over the phone. :) I prefer to do the online support and chat as I find that mechanism so much more helpful. The phone system always makes me feel like I'm in an endless loop that goes nowhere...

Anyway... I love your card and the cake looks super fabulous! Love the vellum sentiment and how you adhered it. Great tip I'm filing away for the future! :)

Lisa Kind

Our washer went too! I've had it for 29 years! They new fangled ones are so different!

Love your card! That round die always reminds me of a paper plate...perfect for your cake!

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